Could You Eat Fatburger's 2,000-Calorie Monster?

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April 10 (Bloomberg) –- Fatburger CEO Andy Wiederhorn discusses the fast food industry, his 2,000 calorie burger and how to stay relevant during the push for health food. He speaks to Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

This is "taking stock." i am pimm fox.

According to one research firm, the fast food industry is expected to grow about two percent over the next five years.

However, there are 160,000 fast food restaurant in the united states and -- in the united states.

Contributing one hundred 52 that, perhaps more, andy wiederhorn, the ceo of fatburger joins me now.

Thank you for being here.

160 thousand fast food restaurants.

They are all over the map, literally and figuratively.

How do you stand out?

You have to differentiate.

We have been doing the same thing for more than 50 years.

We started in 1952. it used to be mr.


That's right.

The chief executive had a boyfriend.

They changed the name to mr.


Off she went.

Let's start with the united states.

You said you are based in california.

The company went through changes.

Their headquarters was in santa monica.

I wonder if you can tell us about the history of fatburger.

When we bought the company 11 years ago there were 40 stores, half company-owned, have franchise.

We bought it, we found ourselves a few years later, $30 million into it facing the recession head-on.

It has been a big climb out of their.

You are a native of portland?


Grew up in portland.

You have been having to teach yourself most of what it takes to get into business, right?

I grew up and went to the university of adelaide.

I was a college student.

It was definitely a fresh start in the restaurant industry.

I had grown up around the restaurant industry.

Taking the burger change -- burger chain domestically and internationally was definitely a challenge in this environment.

Talk about the menu.

All i have been hearing all day is 2000 calories for one particular menu item.

It might be 1000 calories.

I don't know about 2000 calories.

We sold 10 million members last year.

We also sold half a million turkey burgers and veggie burgers and chicken sandwiches.

We have all kinds of healthy options.

If you want to have a healthy burger, if you don't want mayonnaise on it, you can save anymore.

-- you can save even more.

It is probably the leanest erker.

The business now and burgers, it has got to be very embedded up.

Everywhere you go, someone is trying to open something organic, or as you say, leaner meats.

How do you stay one step ahead of the curve?

We have been doing the same thing for more than 60 years.

The same sandwich, the same bonne.

Everyone else is joining the space.

-- the same sandwich, the same bun.

One thing that we have been doing is cobranding with our sister company, and we have all of this chicken products.

We have the option when you come into the restaurant, getting both kinds of products.

Do you have a favorite on the menu?

I am just a fatburger guy.

I love my fatburger, plain and simple.

Chicken wings are great.

Where do you want to grow next?

We have one in the new york -- in new york.

Internationally, we have a lot of stores to build out.

We have 350 more in development.

350 more.

Andy wiederhorn, he is the chief

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