Could We See a Chrysler IPO by October 1?

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May 7 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg Television's “Money Clip” Host Adam Johnson brings us Sergio Marchionne’s thoughts on a possible Chrysler IPO. (Source: Bloomberg)

Our way.

Fiat and chrysler ceo sergio marchionne also has a plan.

Expand the mass market now that the merger is complete.

There has been an internal conflict about who does what in the mass market.

This is clearly identified, the mass market only plays a piece of this.

I play in the performance side.

Somebody needs to serve the mass market side of the business.

Marchionne is also trying to get chrysler back on the stock market.

It left the public trading universe in 2007 when daimler settled -- sold it to cerberus.

It is my sincere hope that we can return by october 1 but we have the chief financial officer to my right, who reminds me on a regular basis of all the concerns he has about making that deadline.

So i'm very respectful of the function, i listen to him, and i still say that we would try for october 1, which he still does not like as an answer.

Obviously, listening process involves clearance with the sec and the budget stuff.

Then we can call a shareholders meeting and go ahead with the

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