Could Twitter Face a `Brain Drain' Post-IPO?

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Nov. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Jobvite President and CEO Dan Finnigan discusses tech's talent wars with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

This is curious because when companies talk about corporate -- they rarely discuss hiring but the culture of this company and the notion of what they can do can change a lot around the ipo.

90 days after we saw some interesting things.

Before the ipo the company goes on the hiring binge.

This is finance -- because they are hiring cfos who can keep it going?

Salespeople, to drive revenue growth.

And the second is actually engineering.

This is because they are trying to build up, while they have these ipo shares, a staple of engineers because after they go public, those who have already invested will start to leave the company.

There is a notion in the bay area, when you see the ipo people are in that for the ipo.

There have been people who have gone to google, for the next ipo.

There are some people who do that, but at the end of the day people know what they are seeing and take a job or their career will grow and most people in the valley and tech companies are looking to move every two or three years to move their experience.

With an ipo or not you have that challenge.

Do we see a little bit of brain drain for people who take their shares and go off into the sunset?

Those who have for years invested are more likely to leave than those who don't. that is why companies have a big hiring binge in the beginning.

Is there a notion that when people look at pay packages they're looking at different things than before.

You have to compete on cash compensation and equity.

People are shopping for job -- jobs and companies more than anything else, looking for something where they will respect the person they are working for and having influence and perks.

You see more and more of those around the valley, great office space and you can bring dogs, getting your dry cleaning done.

A lot of companies are doing a lot of things to keep talent.

This is such a bifurcating world because there is so much unemployment but around here there is this crazy environment where people are getting their dry cleaning paid for.

Without the market -- and the kind of employee for hiring here is really taking off worldwide.

The cloud, the internet and mobile, analytics and big data are changing every industry.

Every industry is competing for this talent.

Thank you very much.

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