Can Solar Roads Solve America's Energy Problems?

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May 15 (Bloomberg) -- Scott Brusaw, founder of Solar Roadways, discusses the modular paving system he claims can withstand 250,000 pounds, create electricity and melt snow. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

There are more than 100 60,000 miles of roadway in the united states.

Most of them are paved with asphalt -- and dreams.

But imagine if they were made with solar panels.

Solar roadways is on a campaign on a crowd-funding site called indiegogo.

The modular paving system claims to withstand 250,000 pounds of pressure, and it also claims to create electricity and it can melt snow.

Joining me is the creator, alan bjerga -- creator scott brusaw.

How does it work?

[inaudible] you link these things together and create a parking lot, sidewalk, driveway, roads -- literally, anything under the sun.

You have already started to research this in detail with some funding from the u.s. government.

Tell us where you are.

We have gotten our second phase of funding from the federal highway administration.

We built an original prototype, and with the second phase, we built a parking lot and our electronics lab that is collecting energy right now.

At what scale could this road be produced?

We are hoping to go nationwide and worldwide.

What kind of backing would you need to do this?

What about the manufacturing process?

We are looking for some deep-pocket investors to get to that point.

Right now, we are just trying to get a team of investors to get together a team of production.

That is what the campaign is about.

Not only can it generate electricity, but it can also melt snow, correct?


We installed it in december, january, and it kept the snow off of our parking lots.

Where can we see this in operation?

Right now, the only prototype we have is at our facility in idaho.

The city of sandpoint, idaho, is trying to get the funding together to do some parking lots and walkways, so that will probably be our first public

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