Could Smartwatches Bring Movies to Your Wrist?

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Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Erlichman reports on Samsung's new Galaxy Gear smartwatch. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

I want to turn to samsung, which announced its galaxy dear smart watch.

-- gear smart watch . jon erlichman was at the launch in new york.

Now that you have had 24 hours to digest, what is your big take away?

A lot of the same things we talked about leading up into this launch are still relevant today.

But then there is a secondary question.

As we play with this device, it has a lot of bells and whistles we expected it would have.

A lot of different apps you can use, if you're taking advantage of the bluetooth technology.

You have got a camera, a lot of the things you're used to on your smart phone.

Short term there is a huge benefit for samsung in saying, we have a device like this on the market.

The fact that it is enhanced when used with their new note device, which they announced yesterday, and really not having the same functionality with any other smart phone, is a way to say that we brought this device on the market and it is meant to make the whole experience with the note better.

We are not necessarily in a position to say, we will make a device like this available to be paired with any smart phone -- that does not necessarily change the story of, doesn't apple immediately feel pressured to come to market with a similar product?

If you had seen a device like this come to market that could not immediately be paired with an iphone, maybe we would tell a different story.

I think people are impressed with what samsung has been doing as a company.

Whether or not this will change the game or evolution nice that next big thing in -- evolution ize that next big thing in technology, it is tough to say.

You cannot watch movies or tv on this thing, yet, right?


Would this be a future battleground between samsung and apple?

It was one of the things i was curious to know.

I have spoken to high-level people in the media industry to get their take on, would you be ready, willing, and able to develop content for a device like this?

I did not get a strong yes on this.

And not to say that if apple is going to go down this route, that they are thinking about doing that.

Every high-level media executive is thinking about where their video is going to show up on what devices.

I think people are still kind of waiting to see what the adoption is like.

Do people really think they need a smart watch?

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