Could Google Disrupt the Sports World?

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Aug. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Len Deluca, former senior VP of ESPN Sports, discusses how sports leagues look at new media. He speaks with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

A shift to the web could disrupt those sports world.

By how much and when might it happen?

We turn to my guest.

Len, how did the league's look at new media?

New media is a platform.

Everybody who consumes the content from espn or the nfl is simply looking to get content wherever they want.

Now the google move is natural.

It is a natural progression that started with espn 2 and espn .com and the nfl network.

This is the logical next step of the evolution.

How much money is at stake?

I feel like one the nfl went to directv with their big packaged deal comment helped make directv as much as it helped the nfl market.


I'm always amused at how the newest guy on the street and google and all the good people at youtube are poised to take over directv.

It is in the original content business with a billion-dollar contract and may be more to come.

Obviously this is another step that roger caddell and steve and that team -- roger goodell and steve and that team can make work.

It has a strong reach to all consumers.

There was a time when the nba was considered an actual ipo of the

Do you think the nfl is looking for the own partners to do broadcasting?

The nfl is very small.

Many people have said they are the platinum standard of all sports broadcasting and a convergence of culture and everything that goes on in business in the united states.

So, no, i do not see a move to just going to google or replace what we have.

The nfl has consistently always cap somebody in waiting -- kept somebody in waiting so it makes its negotiation even more competitive.

Rather than be quick to deny it, they like directv hearing this.

They are saying, ok.

Bring it on.

That nfl package is iconic brand that has been copied by mlb and march madness live.

Naturally we have the same kind of competition the way that -- that is the evolutionary process.

How does this work?

Do they sit there with a playbook not with x's and o's, but leak out information, a story of negotiations?

How did those negotiations happen?

We are in the sports business.

We do not leak.

We plan.

It is clear that the nfl is riding the crest at being at the top of the sport industry.

The sport in this team and industry -- entertainment industry is bigger than the domestic car industry.

That is remarkable.

The nfl is at the top of it.

They have always been the leaders of innovation.

They have 100% of their product distributed nationally eye to eye networks or even the nfl network now.

-- nationally on networks or even the nfl network now.

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