Could `Duck Dynasty’s’ Reign Be Coming to an End?

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Dec. 20 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Paul Sweeney discusses the controversy over A&E’s “Duck Dynasty.” He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Going forward without our patriarch at the helm.

We are in discussions with on bloomberg television, streaming on your phone, your tablet, and

A&e to see what that means for the future.

What does that suspension mean for the a&e bottom line?

I have to admit that i don't watch the show.

I watched a few clips this morning and it's pretty funny but this is really the most watched cable reality show of all time?

Yes, this show has been a phenomenon certainly for a&e. 12 million viewers and they are about to start their fourth season.

There is a tremendous amount of merchandise tied to this program, about $400 million per year.

This has become a phenomenon.

This is a challenge for a&e how to manage this process.

If they decide that the head of the family should be suspended and the shimmies to be canceled, how big a blow with that be to a&e? i think in the near-term, it would be a blow to their ratings.

It is the most watched show.

It sets up a lot of their other programming throughout the week.

It is a very important show for them.

A&e is a diversified media company with several cable networks.

Long-term, it is not a big issue but i know they will work hard to try to maintain this show and whether robertson is a part of it.

They would like to keep the show going.

Any numbers on how much this brings in terms of revenue for a&e? they don't really break it out but what we know is that reality programming is extorted merrily profitable for the studios and the networks.

The cost of programming is relatively low.

It is not george clooney and julia roberts on screen.

There are advantages of reality programming which are the production costs eating low.

If you have a hit, it can be extraordinarily profitable for the network.

I'm sure a&e is working with their advertisers and the show producers and the talent on the shed to figure out what can be done to save the show.

The reality tv industry seems to survive and thrive on offensive comments sometimes.

Where do you see a&e drawing the line?

We saw the case with all the dean and the food network who lost her show.

Is that what they will do here?

I think they want to avoid that at all costs.

These big networks have to be accountable to their stakeholders.

One of the stakeholders as their advertisers.

If they feel they are going to lose advertising support for a program, that puts that program at risk.

I think that was the issue with paula deen.

We will see what the fallout is and i think they will be in consultation with

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