Could CVS' Affordable Care Act Strategy Backfire?

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Aug. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Olivia Sterns reports on CVS Caremark's affordable care act strategy on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Your purchasing higher-priced corn.

Bottom line, just don't buy the stock.

Cbs shares are still trading near an all-time high.

-- cvs shares are still trading near an all-time high.

We talk about the big winners and losers in obamacare.

Pharmaceuticals will come out on top.

These are businesses with a fixed cost, but a lot more volume coming soon and a lot more sales coming true.

What they're doing is starting an outreach program to train the pharmacists to teach the customers about the new plant available.

You will be able to walk into cbs -- cvs and find out for obamacare.

In other words, the exchange.

You can't find that at the cbs.

It -- that you can find that at the cvs.

Here is one reason why it does make sense for pharmacies to be a point of activation for obamacare.

The crux of the 50 million americans that do not have insurance, 55% of them filled a prescription last year.

The opportunity for us to get a pointed activation is to find them when they're painful cash for their prescription.

It is a good indicator that they do not have insurance.

It correct that is why it makes sense for them to help their customers navigate the new options.

Jakks, smart.

-- yaw, smart.

90% of dallas had a buy rating on the stock.

-- 90% of analysts have a buy rating on the stock.

I spoke to one and he thinks that obamacare will add about 1.5% in sales to its tv ads in the next year.

That is more than $1 billion and could translate into more it than 5¢ per earnings next year.

That is operating leverage.

Now that makes sense.

Correct and there are a few other bulls out there, too.

Yet, more than 90% of analysts.

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