Could Amazon’s Smartphone Features Blow Apple Away?

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June 6 (Bloomberg) –- Boy Genius Report President & Editor-In-Chief Jonathan Geller discusses Amazon’s new smartphone and the features that set it apart from Apple’s iPhone with Alix Steel on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Release its smartphone.

This will be the second major hardware announcement since its fire tv back in april.

They may have an ace in the hole.

What is it?

It will be the new interface.

The way we have reported it is that it will use these infrared cameras on the front of the phone that will track the user's face.

It will not be for 3-d effects committed will take you from screen to screen and enable context menus.

It he wanted to shift it to a left, it will let you refer to something without losing your place.

That freaks me out a little but that they would scan what i am looking at.

It also seems like the data plan potentially might pbg game changer for me -- might be the game changer for me.

With whatever carrier partner that they have, it might actually enable you to use amazon services like video, music, and the other things they offer and have that service not count against your monthly data bucket.

Do they want to compete with the hardware or the software?

It is a software play.

And the hardware is not that kind of powerful, compelling thing that you see from others faith.

I am not sure if they will be subsidizing data plans.

This announcement should be for the mid range phone.

There is the potential there for a low-cost phone.

We do not know quite yet.

Amazon has a habit of selling things, they do not care about margins they just care about market share.

That mind blowing $17 billion valuation on uber, what do you think?

The thing to keep in mind is that they raise $1.5 billion in revenue.

They are also getting downside protection, special rights, liquidation preferences.

The valuation is high, i am not sure it is a $70 billion -- $17 million.

I love the service for what it is, i am not sure what they are doing.

Do you think we will see uber go public?

They are expanding really fast.

I'm sure there is some sort of ipo plan for them.

I am not sure when.

The more money they raise, the more they wind up having to prove to these investors.

Their competitors are not even competitors.

Lyft is ridiculous, there is not a lot of competition had they are upending the entire transportation industry throughout san francisco.

Does it not then make it easier for the competition to be more nimble than uber?

You would think so, but i think that they have done their service, the ease-of-use, the fact that you're getting a much higher-quality vehicle and service, i think that people are the well to that -- are responding well to that.

Do you think we will continue

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