Could a China Mobile-Apple Deal Mean 17M iPhones?

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Dec. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg senior West Coast correspondent Jon Erlichman examines what a potential deal between Apple and China Mobile could mean for both companies on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Following the story.

We have been covering the potential for this deal for years.

Was this license all they were waiting for?

There are a host of issues that played into why these two could not get on the same side.

The network was one of them.

And obviously, the pricing and revenue sharing agreement, subsidies, all of the stuff that apple always has to deal with when working out its arrangements with the carriers.

At the end of the day, it would be a huge developing for the company just based on numbers.

We are talking about a carrier that has well over 750 million subscribers.

You put at&t and verizon together and they still look small compared to china mobile.

About 175 million or more of those were already using the devices that apple uses.

-- the kinds of devices that apple uses.

It will mean about 17 million iphones alone coming from china mobile in 2014. that would be more than 10% of the total number of phones they sold this year.

Those financials tell you it is a big deal.

Does this take any short-term pressure off of apple to unveil new products, like a watch, like a television?

Going back to financials it will.

Since it has taken so long for apple to get to this place, all of the analysts have been skeptical about the possibility of moving into china mobile and how much money apple would make.

Apple is very aware that people are hungry to know when apple's next big innovation is going to be.

We sit here talking about big innovations from other companies all the time.

The amazon drum is the biggest example of that.

If you don't know what is coming next from apple, it's tough to know where some of the cash is being used.

And let's not forget there was a very influential investor, carl icahn, saying, happel -- apple, i love you, but why don't you put some of the money back to work for stocks?

Thank you.

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