Twitter CEO Costolo: Investing in TV, International

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Nov. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Twitter CEO Dick Costolo discusses Twitter's IPO debut with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)


You can turn on the profits anywhere you want, but where -- push a little here or there, but what would tell you it is time?

We have projects we want to do in terms of strategy where we know we want to do, like twitter and tv, where twitter becomes the second screen people are watching.

We make sure we have the right teams on the ground internationally to invest in unique regional content, making sure we are the public, real- time eschewed that form.

And most of your news is our international.

-- your users are international.


And we will spend more time on that.

It is competitive.

How do you handle expenses post- ipo?

One of the things i talked to the company about is setting a broad direction -- a specific direction with broad room to interpret -- intimate.

-- innovate.

The ideas are built from the ground up, and innovated from over 1000 projects, engineering and denver --, engineering and design folks.

When you have the ability to build innovation that you conceived of and take it to the senior management team, and you have the authority and the accountability to deliver against the thing that you conceived of yourself, it is tremendously motivating and it is a motivating work environment, and i want to foster that.

You told me that getting to one billion users is more important than getting to one billion dollars in revenue.

Some people are confused, it takes time to figure out who to follow.

How do you improve that from a product perspective?

One of the fascinating things about twitter is once you get it, it becomes indispensable.

I spoke to people who said it is the first thing they do every morning and it is an indispensable companion to the live experience.

So many people understand that.

For us, it is about bridging the gap in the massive global awareness of twitter, or and

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