Costa Concordia to Be Moved in June

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Jan. 10 (Bloomberg) –- In today’s “Global Outlook,” Corcoran Group Founder Barbara Corcoran and Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson and Alix Steel discuss news from around the world on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Time now for a quick check of the headlines in our global outlook.

The shipwrecked costa concordia will finally be moved from the waters of tuscany in june.

It'll be taken to a port to be dismantled.

They comes just before the two year anniversary of the ship running around, killing 32 people -- onaground, killing 32 people.

People magazine ran a seven page x was a accusing him of an affair.

He's not married, yes have an affair with his friend.

The french would be disappointed if he was not.

It might not even be having, -- it might not even be him, he just photographed a guy, it's assumed it was him.

Selling magazines, that is

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