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March 11 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Matt Miller reports on innovation behind the redesigned seats in the new Corvette Stingray on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”


When jimmy redesigned it, a revamped the seat area where you put your you know what.

Matt miller talked to the made engineer behind the change.

Did you test the seats that?

I tested them substantially and extensively.

I will say that i have been both in the previous corvette, which was not called a stingray, just a corvette, then i rode this thing in michigan.

That is the engineer who designed the seat.

He is also a eight trained to track trevor.

One of the coolest expenses of my life.

I've driven a lot of cars on the track and been driven by racecar drivers on the track.

I've never gotten to drive on just a huge lock of pavement.

It is called a black lake in michigan.

You can do what everyone without having to worry about getting into any kind of accident.

The gusseted design right?

That guy you saw driving was the man in charge, or the kid in charge of the project.

He is only 20 years old.

He was 26 or 27 when he finished.

The problem was the seeds -- let's put the seats up.

These the new seeds.

And they are gorgeous.

More important, they offer real support and they are quite lightweight but strong.

They are made of magnesium.

They have a magnesium frame.

Those of the new seats.

Every picture you will see of just season with the new seats.

No one would show a picture of the old seats because they sucked, frankly.

I would assume the old seats.

They did not look bad, they do not have any bolster support.

They were very flexible when you needed stiffness.

In a racecar or track,, is the stiffness.

You need to be able to feel the roads and the bumps.

The subsidy that.

The old seats were just uncomfortable.

Isn't that part of -- and not useful.

You could not use them to control the car and feel the car as you should be.

Whited take them so long to fix this?

It was old gm versus new gm.

The way the company was run before the bankruptcy was not necessarily the way a car company should be run.

You could make the argument that they are doing a much, much better job of holding quality products.

Everyone would agree.

They put their full effort into this.

They have gone above and beyond with the new corvette.

It is amazing what is done to sales.

Gm sales are down six percent.

Corvette sales are up 150% in the last -- it cost about 53,000 . they raise the price by five percent because they were selling too many.

The only thing they could do to try and get a man was to raise the price.

If you want a good version, it will cost you at least $55,000. as before you add any kind of special equipment to it.

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