Corning Inks New Partnership With Samsung

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Nov. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Corning Senior Vice President Jeff Evenson discusses the future of Corning Glass on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)


Corning is in billions of devices out there.

Corning glasses in over 2 billion devices.

His play glass in the majority of large lcd televisions.

You've got partnerships with apple and samsung -- what does that mean for corning question are we've been partners with samsung for over 40 years.

We've had a series of joint ventures over that time.

Cumulatively, we've had sales of over $50 billion and generated profits of over $15 billion and over 500 patents.

Corning is an expert in glass.

We've looked for domain expertise to figure out how to put in new devices.

What does the deal with samsung mean for apple?

They are huge rivals.

The deal with samsung is focused on lcd glass.

That gives us significantly more capacity, and that the great thing for our innovation overall.

In developing a product like willow, which is our ultrathin lass, we have been limited because our utilization has been so high.

Now we have access to other things and we think it will help us go faster.

And you get any pushback from apple?

We talk to all of our customers carefully about significant transactions that we make and we feel confident that our customers are with us.

What talk about willow glass.

It's not in any products yet but one of the challenges has been getting the glass to conform to the human body.

Willow glass is a flexible glass.

It's about 8% thinner than a dollar bill.

We put it on her roles about a meter wide and as long as a football field.

It is readily and conforms easily two shapes.

Because it is such a novel product, we are offering it to customers and helping them sample it and build prototype devices.

We are excited about the future of what it can bring.

Is it ready to go with a product is ready to go to market?

We believe we can scale manufacturing as needed.

Where do you see glass going in the future?

Fax we are working to push three fundamental areas in glass.

One is just strength.

Gorilla glass is about 10 times stronger than tempered glass.

But we have still only tapped a fraction of the theoretical strength of glass.

We expect to do lots of things in the future.

We continue to make tougher and tougher glass.

An example of products we could see in the future are using class as covers in health care and retail arenas where antimicrobial properties are important.

We combine the toughness of gorilla glass with new techniques to add antimicrobial products to the glass and we are happy to receive epa registration as antimicrobial.

You mention the toughness of the glass.

My iphone screen is cracked right now.

This is something a lot of people do -- i dropped it many times and it didn't rake.

Any way to make it break proof?

All materials break at some point.

In everyday life, we've made a lot of improvements with the three families of gorilla glass we've introduced over the last seven years.

I think we will make it even stronger.

What is the technology that goes into making it less writable?

Fax -- lex one isn't -- at corning, we have really learned to engineer glass at the atomic level.

That dig a mechanical, optical and thermal properties.

The formulation is one area we can handle.

The second area is fabrication and manufacturing techniques.

One of the unique things about corning is we manufacture ourselves.

Fascinating stuff.

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