Copper Not Benefitting From Stock Run-Up: Hoffman

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Nov. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Alix Steel and Bloomberg Industries’ Ken Hoffman, put futures in focus with a look at the disparity between equity markets and copper prices in "On The Markets." They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Hoffman from boston.

Does this make sense?

S&p trading around a record.

Why this huge divergence in 2013? facebook does not use copper.

Twitter does not use copper here get a lot of the movement in the s&p has come from industries that do not use any offer whatsoever.

It is the industrial part am a heavy manufacturing that has done poorly.

That is part of the problem when it comes to copper.

You could argue the computers on twitter use copper.

Looking at a pretty large surplus for the year.

It leaves the question, where is the incentive or the investor to get in?

One thing you are starting to see is the fed, and even china are starting about trying to read up the economy.

If you are buying futures, you are betting all of the central bankers are able to stimulate the world economy come and help the world demand for copper in 2014. you mentioned china.

We obtain a large inventory drop . is that real and demand or switching where the metal is stored?

Always tricky to find out what is going on inside of china.

I do think long-term it is good for copper.

One thing we track on bloomberg is something a little bit different, the bloomberg china possibility index.

What that tells you is how industry in china is using metal.

It has hit a six-month low this week.

Thank you.

Look for steel for copper demand.

On the markets again in 30

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