Cooling Off With a `Big Ass Fan'

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July 19 (Bloomberg) -- Big Ass Fans Founder Carey Smith discusses the company's product which is sold in eighty countries with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

But sony about the company based in lexington, kentucky.

We started in 1999. we had only six employees.

It was difficult to sell the fan because it was so different, out of the ordinary.

Over the years, we have added more and more people.

We have grown 30%. we have moved her on agricultural markets to the industrial market to the commercial market and finally the residential market.

We have close to 420 employees.

We have several locations in lexington.

And we have several officers all around the world.

What is the technology behind these fans?

What makes them different?

The big thing is they are very, very large.

The largest fan we make is a 24 foot band.

It is pretty big.

We use it to horsepower motor.

The amount of air generated by that fan can fill a room that is 40 x 40 feet.

Actually larger than that.

It moves a lot of air.

Moves it very, very slowly and with very small input of energy.

Described the customers you have for the fans -- for example industrial, agricultural industries.

We started selling fans to the dairy industry because of cool town -- a cool cow is a happy gal.

Of cool cow eats more and produces more milk.

From that we moved into the industrial market because there is an awful lot of industrial facilities that do not have any cooling at all.

What we replaced in those facilities were small pedestal type fans.

It was very obvious that those take a lot of real estate when you get right down to it.

You move the fan to the ceiling, move the air over a huge area, you keep it cool on the floor.

Increases productivity.

120 $5 million?

$125 million is where we project this year.

What is the goal?

Do you want to sell $1 billion worth of fans?


I tell you what, i do not know if weekends sell $1 billion worth of hands.

I do think our company can grow to that point.

Privately held?

We are privately held.

And we want to maintain that.

The way to keep the company and build that unity that you need to continue is important, and you can't do it as easily with a publicly held firm.

Because it is quarter by quarter.

It is difficult.


I was very impressed by the aesthetic.

I had never seen one.

And seeing it on the us play is great it looks good.

It looks very integrated in the interior.

It looks super luxe.

I would imagine it is very energy-efficient for the whole system.

That is less low -- he is looking to butter you up.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

And on the flipside, -- and on the flipside, i would imagine the same thing goes for the war.

You can get that rotation.

The thing i would like to ask you come at too, though is, how do you manufacture domestically?

It looks like you have created a seriously good job and homegrown.

When you think about what we do, we manufacture up wrought up that is very well engineered.

It has to be.

It is virtually impossible to do that overseas.

I'm not saying they can't do it overseas.

But the amount of energy from our perspective to ensure that is monumental.

We have to have people over there to do that.

You must be a very popular guy with the heat wave on the east coast.

We are.

We are more and more popular.

The commercial fans are used inc.

Or space is of course.

But when you raise the velocity of the air moving past her body, you can increase, bump up your thermostat by five or six degrees.

That is a big deal.

Thank you for joining us.

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