Cooler Spending in U.S. Weighing on Stocks

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Aug. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Adam Johnson reports on today's top news headlines on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

? this is "money moves to get where we focus on innovative alternative investments.

We are waiting to hear from president obama, speaking on syria shortly.

We will bring you skip comments -- his comments.

U.s. prosecutors asking a federal judge in manhattan to put on hold a civil suit against sac capital.

Prosecutors announcing criminal charges against the fund on july 25 over what they say is unprecedented insider trading by the hedge fund's employees.

They're seeking forfeiture of all property derived from these alleged activities, real and personal.

We will keep you updated.

We want to bring you more bloomberg top headlines.

We're going to get you out to the newsroom.

Adam johnson is there.

Thank you, deirdre.

American consumers getting more cautious.

Consumer spending only rose by 1/10. the s&p is down over the world three percent this month.

-- 3% this month.

The antitrust trial for the american airlines-us airways merger was on november 25. a use district -- u.s. district judge said that it is, quote, too far off.

The justice department asked for the march date because of the complexity of the case.

Amc entertainment is resuming plans for a u.s. public offering.

The movie operator is seeking $400 million.

It is not said how many shares they will offer, or at what price.

The offering size is a placeholder used to calculate registration fees.

The final amount could change.

This is amc's third attempt to go public.

Later, eurasia founder and president joins us at 3:00 p.m. eastern for more on the evolving situation and syria.

Trish regan and i look forward to you and everyone else at 3:00. thank you very much.

That is adam johnson joining you there, for "street smart." it will start in an hour.

We will be bringing you president obama's comments about syria.

In the meantime, we're going to take you to boston.

For more than a decade, the m.i.t. tech review has lifted a 35 under 35 list.

Last week it unveiled it grated the magazine hit newsstands on tuesday.

-- unveiled -- the magazine hit newsstands on tuesday.

I know you can't pick one person to highlight.

Please give us an example.

I would like to point your audience to write simons, -- wright simons.

M pedigree sounds like the simplest thing.

It sends you a small text message that confirms whether or not your drug is a counterfeit or not.

In africa and asia, counterfeit drugs are a huge problem.

There is a huge problem in place where many people suffer from chronic malaria who are receiving aids treatments -- malaria, who are receiving aids treatments -- these people can't just look at a number on the side -- can just look at a number on the side of the drug, tex it -- text it, and confirm.

People are mixing and cornmeal, and flower.

It is horrible.

-- in cornmeal, and flour.

It is horrible.

That's right.

As far as going from someone who is making the world a better place to someone who is making the world and easier place, i know task rabbit is one company, along with the founder, that you have highlighted.

Why did you pick her?

It is a clever idea.

It is an informal, online marketplace where people who need simple tasks performed can connect with what leah calls micro-entrepreneurs, people who have a little bit of spare time, people who are underemployed.

The marketplace works on tasks, not hours performed.

Some of the tasks can be $10 for delivering lunch.

Some of them are complicated tasks.

Writing code, copy editing magazines.

Leah says she is trying to make a new, informal marketplace for labor.

It is an interesting idea.

A couple of years ago, a company called amazon try to do this in the purely digital space with an idea called mechanical turk.

Task rabbit is a labor marketplace in the real world.

You can have anything done.

Sometimes people are asking task rabbit stew put furniture -- rabbits to put furniture together.

Or you need help for one crunch work week.

The service can bail you out.

Reorganization of the labor force, and grateful consumers on the other end.

Another company and pioneer you have highlighted is a little bit higher stakes, as far as nuclear energy.

Why did you pick leslie?

Another woman innovator.

She is the founder of a company called trans atomic here in cambridge.

She is an m.i.t. graduate.

Nuclear energy is our best possibility for creating carbon- neutral energy of scale.

It's the only one that works.

Here's the rub.

No one wants to have a nuclear reactor built in their backyard, at least here in the u.s. there are two reasons for that.

Nuclear energy is perceived as being dangerous, and it is incredibly expensive to build a plant.

There are concerns about plural if ration -- proliferation.

Leslie has resurrected the molten sword reactor idea.

With the molten sword reactor , salts are mixed with nuclear materials.

That makes the reactor small, powerful, and extremely safe.

It's going to take leslie maybe 10 years to get through the regulatory hurdles that exist around nuclear energy, but we think it could make nuclear energy a real possibility in the u.s. and western europe again.

Thank you so much for the time, for sharing three standouts on your list.

A pleasure to have you with us, editor and chief of the m.i.t. tech review, jason pontin.

Our chief washington correspondent, peter cook, back with me now.

I know that president obama met with the presidents of three baltic states that were visiting ndc.

What is the latest?

Reporters were allowed in at the top of that meeting.

The president did make some comments that we will play back in just a little bit.

The big news is that the president told the reporters that he has not made any decision as to how the u.s. will respond to syria's use of chemical weapons.

He amplified on the comments that john kerry made a short time ago, where he outlined the case against syria.

The president saying that syria 's actions are a challenge for the world.

He said, no decision on action, but if the u.s. does anything it would be limited and narrow.

There would be no boots on the ground.

Framing this as a limited military operation, if that is the decision he makes.

A reluctant a skeptical public right now, weary of war and reluctant and skeptical congress as well.

I can tell you the reaction i've gotten from some of the members from congress.

Some calling for action against syria, other still saying they would like congress to vote first before any use of force.

The president said if there is military action, it is not going to be on the ground.

It is going to be very specific, targeted.

I anticipate we will hear more from the president on that subject.

I think you will.

John kerry made the same case.

This is some of the debate happening behind the scenes as to what the appropriate targets might be, if there is a military strike, how strong a message does the administration want to send.

How might this.

-- the syrians respond?

The president decides, very importantly, without clear support from international partners.

France has said they are prepared to step up here.

The vote in the british parliament a couple kidding factor for sure.

-- complicating factor for sure.

You spoke of ghosts of u.s. military action and iraq, and the feeling that british citizens don't want to be led down such a path that we saw under president bush.

It goes to our president not only in britain, but here as well.

Members of congress have raised questions about, can they trust the u.s. intelligence assessment?

We have heard about the four page declassified report that was released, making a case against the syria regime and saying with high confidence, the u.s. believes that the syrian regime was responsible for that chemical threat.

Is that enough to satisfy members of congress and the public as a whole, and u.s. international partners?

Thanks very much.

We will be back with you in a few moments.

Peter cook joining us from washington, d.c. we will bring you the latest on syria.

You heard peter cook saying that president obama did speak with the presidents of three baltic states.

? welcome back to "money moves" on bloomberg television.

Peter cook back with me now, our chief washington correspondent -- we are talking about president obama's comments.

He did meet with three presidents from three baltic states on their visit to d.c. topic number one is syria, and whether or not the u.s. acts.

What is the latest?

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