Cooking Up a Career in the Food Service Industry

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June 27 (Bloomberg) -- Tim Ryan, president at Culinary Institute of America, and Steve Ells, chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Chipotle, discuss opportunities in the food service industry and career paths offered by Chipotle to grow employees’ skills. They speak on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Steve ells, the ceo of chipotle.

The prospects are fabulous for graduates.

We have a tremendous track record of successful alumni.

Including folks like steve ells.

Recruitment on campus has been at all-time highs.

These are companies and restaurants coming to recruit our graduates.

What is the starting salary?

About $35,000. after paying one and $25,000 -- $125,000. that is a good return?

That is a good return.

It is a mistake to look at starting salary.

We look at lifetime earning.

I think that the restaurant industry, the food industry in general, is an industry of tremendous opportunity.

Tremendous entrepreneurial opportunity.

In any industry, it is true that not everybody is going to be a megastar like steve, that does not mean they will not do tremendously well.

That is true with our graduates and that is true in the food service industry.

When you focus on what is happening in the starting salaries, i think it is very shortsighted.

Steve, i know you pay more than federal minimum wage.

What are the prospects someone joins chipotle is making eight dollars-nine dollars per hour -- we are really proud of the opportunities we give our folks.

The vast majority of our restaurant managers come from peru.

We have a clear path within the restaurant that encourages our crewmembers -- come from crew.

We have a very clear path within them restaurant that encourages our crewmembers to move up.

A fabulous culture needs to be created.

They have to created a culture of empowerment were people know they have the opportunity and are encouraged to become the future leaders.

I restauranteurs -- their average compensation, total compensation is over $100,000 per your, including stock options.

Are you going to be able to open to pull a in seattle --chipotle in seattle?

Seattle might have this sort of minimum wage and if that is the case, then our prices will have to reflect those conditions.

What is your biggest headache with the sell side?

Sanford bernstein is still all over your stock.

It is still a moon shot.

How do you deal with wall street?

You are an art history major.

Art history and then i learned classic cooking.


Do you throw burritos at the one asked the wrong question?

We have kept a very simple.

We focus on really, really great ingredients and we focus on our cooking techniques and we bring that altogether with a team of top performers who are empowered to achieve high standards.

This is a completely different model than typical fast food.

Customers are responding.

They come by the droves.

You have seen the lines, you know how busy it is.

We have a very efficient economic model at the restaurant level.

There is so much room for growth.

I think that the entrepoèt late, there is an operative -- beyond chipotle, there is an opportunity.

We will continue to create opportunity.

That is the secret.

Steve ells, founder and co-ceo of chipotle.

My son ate 200 consecutive

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