Possible Apple-China Mobile Deal 'Big' Boost: Forte

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Dec. 05 (Bloomberg) -- Thomas Forte, Senior Research Analyst at Telsey Advisory Group, discusses a possible deal between China Mobile and Apple, and the ramifications for both companies. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

They are just about to sign this deal.

On the apple side, how big a boost is apple going to see if they did sign a deal with china mobile.

Yes, good morning, betty.

A way i look at china mobile for apple, this is been a long, speculated catalyst, and the question was when, not if.

If you look at china mobile with 7 million subscribers, this could be a very big deal for apple, especially if it means they could be selling the devices as early as this month.

We were projecting figures that could meaningfully be improved.

This is a long time coming for china mobile.

They have been losing out because they had not carry the iphone.

The story there was it was not compatible with the china network -- the china mobile network, which is no longer the case.

Also, the idea that they will be rolling out 4g, which is important for the iphone, having the iphone on a faster network.

There were technical hurdles as well in addition to the companies forging agreement.

This could be a boost for both china mobile and apple.

It has been well reported that tim cook, the ceo of apple, has spent a lot of time in china, visiting the country twice in the last 12 months.

How much has that helped?

I would say that if this deal is imminent, that would have helped them sealed the deal, so to speak.

His going there was important.

Let's it certainly seems that way -- it certainly seems that way.

Tom forte, thank you.

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