Tim Cook: New Book on Apple Is 'Nonsense'

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March 19 (Bloomberg) -- Former Wall Street Reporter Yukari Iwatani Kane discusses her book ”Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs” on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Called the reporting in your book nonsense.

He dashed a lot of the things that you say.

He said the book fails to capture apple, steve jobs, or anyone in the company.

Are you pessimistic about apple's future?

I just think that apple is in a place where there caught between not wanting to -- wanting to stick to the way steve jobs -- steve jobs' vision of apple and saying that apple has not changed, when everything an apple has changed.

I do think it is struggling a little bit.

It is struggling a little bit.

Tim cook is the ceo.

A lot of people do not to know much -- know too much about him.

What can you tell us about the way he manages apple for the new era?

He is in operations executive.

Process, order, driving business as efficiently as possible.

You do get the flavor throughout the company.

You devote an entire chapter to clay christiansen and disruption.

Apple started to listen to its customers a decade ago and got in trouble.

Our they listening to much to the customers right now?

How much it is doing and what impact it will have is still too early to tell.

You do see a little bit of a rollback.

Give me a tangible example of where mr.

Cook and his team are failing versus the aesthetic and detail that steve jobs had.

What is a tangible example of failure?

The colored phones?

The iphone 5c certainly has not sold well.

I think the biggest issue is perception.

Steve jobs had a reality distortion field.

What i find interesting is your background.

Prior to covering apple, you also covered sony and its demise after its founder passed away.

What parallels do you see?

I think i would not draw direct parallels, but certainly a sony there was a lot of looking back at how things should and could have been.

The distinction here is critical -- the free cash flow of apple.

They are minting money.

That is what mr.

Jobs is supposed to do, mr.

Cook is supposed to do, right?

It holds itself to a higher standard of success than others.

To make insanely great products.

I think it is incredibly naiàve that they are minting money.

That is their standard of success and that is fine.

They can do things to drive their business toward more money or whatever.

They have never been about money.

They are about changing the world.

I think the original ipad was the last time that apple has wowed us.

It is about changing hearts and minds.

To realize the magnitude of cook posture alan it was necessary to -- cook's challenge it was necessary to understand the personalities on the team.

Apple is facing a lot of challenges as a big company.

The growth over the last couple of years is tremendous.

Without steve jobs, it makes the job that much harder.

Apple was a company that was synonymous with steve jobs.

The entire organization is built around this man and his strengths and weaknesses.

When you have somebody who is completely opposite at the helm with the same management team, things are thrown out of equilibrium.

I guessed is bill harris.

You know -- our guest is bill harris.

You know i think too about silicon valley.

What is the perception now?

I think people like tim cook.

The era of radical innovation at apple is over.

It is not necessarily over simply because steve is gone.

It is over because apple is a big company.

It is producing big profits.

Thick about what happened at microsoft.

The exact same thing.

Are you saying that once you get big you cannot innovate?


What about corning?

That is innovation.

Corning is innovation.

I will grant you the microsoft issue.

Within the reporting on the haunted empire, is that the ultimate risk that the ballmer- ize apple computer?


And they need to decide whether or not they are ok with that.

Who do you think is the biggest risk taker in apple right now?

Good question.

That is my question.

Have they left?

I can see anybody and that is part of my question about apple.

Steve jobs was the biggest risk taker and he took all of the air out of the room.

To your credit and in a new york post article this morning, you say mr.

Cook is doing a good job.

What is your specific criticism if you say at the same time that he is doing a good executive job?

It is not a criticism as much as he is completely opposite of steve jobs running the place.

If there is one, it is that i wish he would paint a post steve jobs vision.

The idea that apple has not changed is not convincing.

Can the iphone 6 do it?

I -- come on.

I have an iphone five.

The problem with the iphone is that all of the improvements are incremental.

I think phones are good enough for most people.

I love my iphone 5 s. who is the biggest risk taker in silicon valley overall?

I would think elon musk.

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