Consumer Will Buy Higher Quality Food: Hain CEO

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April 23 (Bloomberg) -- Hain Celestial President and CEO Irwin Simon discusses the food industry, food prices and availability on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)


It is a time of angst?

You talked about fashion looking good, eating healthy.

We are in the organic industry.

You look at that segment, there is a lot of excitement in that segment today.

Our numbers came out yesterday, growing to 12.5%. the consumer will spend on higher quality products.

Where did coconut water come from?

Did you invent this?

We invented a lot of those things.

Organic baby food, juice.

Gerber is not good enough.

This hour is going to be one big shameless plug.

The consumer will spend for higher quality, but when they lose their job, is that where they cut back as well?

You need to make choices.

There are $700 billion of food sold within the u.s.. that is the consumption.

You come back and look at the companies like coke, we are not drinking soda or reducing soda.

We are not eating ways potato chips.

If you walk through whole foods and you look at a bag of terror chips -- tarro chips, it is like 10 or $.15 more.

The nine dollar tail green juice for nine dollars?

In a bottle of our blueprint green juice, there is six pounds of organic fruits and vegetables.

It is a meal.

When i go to chipotle and panera, i am spending more than nine dollars on my lunch.

Nine dollars for a bottle of juice that is six pounds of organic fruits and vegetables that go through a cold pressed.

Is the shameless plug a button broken today?

What is your bestseller right now?

I have a four kids and i love all of my kids equal.

I love all of my brands equal.

We have 2200 products and whole foods.

We introduced infants and toddlers to their first foods and we have nine to 12 million mothers a month that are on our site, learning about our products.

You have four kids -- you do not have to worry about the middle child.

Nordion dubai 24 pounds of vegetables -- nor do you have to buy 24 pounds of vegetables.

Our twitter question of the day -- what drives your grocery

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