Consumer Wants to See Value in Purchases: Taylor

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Sept. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Harrison Group Vice Chairman Jim Taylor discusses luxury retailing with Tom Keene on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Teachers are of a big this morning.

Jim taylor is vice chairman of the harrison group.

He has some interesting data on what we do with our money, those of the high income in america.

What is the new new in september?

What is the distinction of the fall of 2013? we have had a division in the economy between the middle and upper-middle, and affluent class, which for the four years, people had been saving money at an astonishing rate at the top.

We have a dollars trillion in savings accounts and $1 trillion in in checking accounts.

People have a lot more money to spend.

Within your work at harrison, what is the distinction between aspiration at hermes, compared with louis vuitton.

? i think they are both doing it right.

The question is not how to cheat something is, but what is it worth?

As people came out of the recession, and learn the lessons of financial responsibility, self reliance, and now they are asking themselves, but is it in the economy that collects material value?

Both have set a benchmark for something worthy of being owned.

I just traveled to italy where i saw two brands in motion, ferragamo and ferrari, in part because they have stayed true to their roots.

For some, innovation is so tempting, but both of these brands have rarely stayed true to their roots.

Ferrari, at one point, most of the couture shops were looking for this none customer who would put their higher stuff at risk.

Fendi is in, according to madison avenue.

How important is location?


That goes not just to the fifth avenue's or the shopping areas in l.a., it even goes to the allied stores you are involved with . ian bremmer wants to step in.

I am wondering how much is coming up of this extraordinary for emerging-market boom.

As we see the emerging market sell-off, are a lot of these high and brands running that bubble hard?

They have been writing a bubble where people are searching for extraordinary

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