Colgate: Total Is Safe, Approved in 1997 by FDA

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Aug. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Wal-Mart and other retailers are under mounting pressure to eliminate products with triclosan, an antibacterial chemical used in hand soaps and Colgate-Palmolive’s Total toothpaste. Bloomberg’s Tiffany Kary reports on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Used in soap and colgate-palmolive's total toothpaste, no retailers like walmart are considering whether to carry these products at all.

Colgate has stood by the use in total fighting rigorous fda approval.

Spiraling into a bigger and bigger issue here.

What do they retailers need to know before they decide you know what, we will pull the toothpaste off the shelf ? that is a very big decision for them.

The science is unclear, so no one wants to jump to any conclusions.

What does the science tell us right now?

There is a lot of science right now.

It is a very complicated topic.

There are reasons for concern.

There are a lot of studies showing as well showing that the two bases to be effective at fighting plaque and gingivitis.

Writes, ok, i think we need to be very clear.

Let's be very clear, tiffany, what do the scientific studies are now say about triclosan used in those amounts in colgate?

There are no specific studies on that.

I think it's my story shows, what we know is that there were some studies in 17 years ago when this was first approved that never really came to light.

Those bring up a lot of questions about the fda approval process.

There were toxicology studies showing that mice and rats who were exposed to triclosan had delayed bone formation.

When scientists look at it, that is a clear sign this is a destructive chemical and these chemicals can operate in very small amounts.

I think this is why this has become such an issue of concern, especially now that things are now cumulative.

We are not just seeing tackle sent into space, it is in soaps, perfume, cosmetics that you and i are probably wearing -- we are not just seeing triclosan in toothpaste, it is an insult, perfume, cosmetic that you and i are probably wearing right now.

Have they made any comments?

There will be a rolling in 2016 on whether this is safe in hand soaps.

They said they are not reviewing the toothpaste at this time.

They are akin to that message.

Obviously if they find there is

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