Connolly on U.S. Action in Syria: Capitol Gains

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Sept. 8 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. Representative Gerald Connolly, a Virginia Democrat, talks about President Barack Obama's efforts to gain congressional support for limited military action in Syria and the outlook for budget negotiations. U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray talks about his confirmation and the outlook for the agency. Bloomberg's Heidi Przybyla and Loren Duggan discuss the outlook for Congress's vote on President Obama's call for military action against Syria. They speak with Peter Cook on Bloomberg Government's "Capitol Gains." (Source: Bloomberg)

? this week on "capitol gains " -- my credibility is not on the line.

How will the debate alter the other big issues on the crowded calendar of congress?

We will ask a virginia democrat for reaction.

The newest watchdog on wall street, the protection bureau director, richard kortrijk, his confirmation is official.

What does he plan to do with his power?

He will tell us.

And we will look into the eye of the storm, the government's hurricane.

I am peter cook, welcome to "capitol gains," the sunday show where we use exclusive research and analysis of bloomberg government.

If you want to know what the federal government is doing with your tax dollars colicky been here for the next 30 minutes and every sunday.

We begin by looking at the situation in syria.

We have asked congress to authorize a military response on the use of chemical weapons, president obama overruling his own advisers, the lawmakers have not always seen eye to eye with him on big issues.

The resolution is about syria, so much more is at stake for this president.

Could affect the president's domestic agenda, and at a minimum, it is prepping action on those other issues.

For more, i am joined by a member of the house foreign affairs committee, gerry connolly f. welcome to "capitol gains." where is your vote right now on syria?

It depends of what we are doing afterwards.

It will actually depend on the resolution in front of us.

I cannot support the resolution that white house lawyers have drafted.

I have been working with colleagues and our working on alternative that is much more narrowly focused.

Do you support the united nations committee?

It is close, but we are more restrictive.

I do not like the language that senator mccain and senator koonis that at it.

We want to narrow the scope, not broaden it.

What is riding on his speech on tuesday?

I hope he does not lose in the house.

I hope we are able to find a common language that allows us to proceed.

But he is going to have to explain to the american people what the risks are of doing nothing when someone violates the international convention on the use of chemical weapons and in this case against their own people.

There are 426 children who are dead and another 1000 adults who are dead in damascus.

That is not acceptable.

That is different.

It has been for over 100 years.

? what does it say that a loyal democrat like yourself is at this stage on the fence?

This is a matter of war and peace.

This is the greatest issue we have to deal with in congress.

Given the legacy of iraq, it is not surprising that so many people are frankly anguishing over this and the implications, wanted to avoid the mistakes of over a decade ago.

I come down to the conclusion that the risks, with respect to the use of chemical weapons, outweigh this.

If the senate gives approval and somehow the house does not, and they take action on their own without congressional approval, what do you make of that choice?

Really difficult for him.

Look, you are either all in or all out.

The president chose to ask for congressional authorization.

That is a tacit acknowledgment that he needs congressional authorization and if he does not get it, in my view, even though i support some reaction, some retaliation, for the purpose of deterrence and enforcement, i would not support the president going forward unilaterally.

Let's talk about the collateral damage of all of this on the congressional agenda.

Hard to talk about budget issues when you are talking about issues like this from syria.

If there is a budget resolution that has to be marked out, there has to be a debt ceiling vote.

What is your sense on how this will be affected?

I would say that there is somewhere close to 50: 50 with the congress is going to toy with shutting down the government for some period of time.

? it would be a very reckless act.

That would be a big deal.

If you look at the t party, they have gone home to their base in town hall meetings and they heard people say -- shut down the government.

The rest of us are horrified.

The consequences will be very real, but that is where they are.

They do not share the horror of that action and i think they put their own leadership in a real blunder on that side.

What about the debt ceiling?

Do you get the same sense of gridlock on that?

At the moment, the two sides could not be further apart.

The president and the democrats have said that they will not negotiate.

It is an acknowledgment of past debt that has occurred and if you play around with sovereign debt, the implication in four equity barkers and everything else, as we know from the last time they did this, i will be real, we have already been put on notice that they would consider it another downgrade if we toy with it.

The tea party republicans believed in that affect on our politics and our economy in the role of government.

Many of them do not share the horror about that.

Again, i think they are playing fast and loose with the united states and their economy.

What is the message you're sending to your business constituents?

There is a real risk right now that there could be a standoff like this in congress.

A lot of corporate constituents, small businesses, start-ups, and larger employers in my district, almost all of them do some of this work.

They are subject to sequestration and there is a chilling effect.

Fasten your seatbelts , this fall it could make all of that magnified.

It will be an interesting fall.

Thank you.

Up next bonds "capitol gains ," beyond syria is a very different prices, still ahead.

Later, a conversation with louis kahn.

The consumer protection financial bureau director, ahead.

? . ? ? the fall had been gm pact, now there is a cloud of uncertainty for american businesses.

We have the government director of legislative analysis with us, our bloomberg congressional of order is with this as well, so let me start with you, heidi, and syria, the president have the votes?

At the end of the day i think he will.

We have heard from skeptical lawmakers, but they have not officially returned to washington.

The majority have not given their positions, they are undecided, and when lawmakers come into meetings, what the president has to be careful of is what i call the ted cruz bernie sanders coalition.

Pay attention.

The anti-war democrats in key party republicans voting against this because of their deep held beliefs -- police.

If the president were to lose this, how much damage would it do to his standing?

It would make things very difficult, that is an important component.

He did this to win support.

It will make it harder working with congress as well.

He already had negotiations going on.

Let's presume for a second that he does presume for a second.

What does that mean for these issues out there?

Does it become easier because he has won this?

Or because they cannot give a victim and the next debt ceiling?

There is no time to negotiate in fight over this with the funding of the government that will expire nine days after congress returns.

Maybe more, maybe less, it will be taken up by syria, they do not have time to go to the mat on this.

Republicans were hoping to use this as leverage to defund some of these health-care laws, that is not going to happen.

Republicans see short-term funding, but long-term it is developing over the debt ceiling, pushing of a number of issues that have been on the agenda that might have been on the agenda, like the farm bill expiring in hearings on these surveillance programs, all that gets pushed off.

Would you agree that we are looking at a short-term spending resolution by taking it out much sooner than mid october?


Jack lew told congress that it was mid-october, we need it by then.

That we will not have enough cash on hand to pay the bills.

It really brought a lot of issues to the forefront.

Heidi is right.

With the debt limit debate two weeks later, they will be delaying bringing up obama care, the keystone pipeline.

That piece of legislation will be attractive to republicans.

What about the real prospect of a government shutdown?

It is quite unlikely that there will be a shutdown at this point, they will come to some kind of short-term agreement moving into the fall a few weeks later, but i do not think that october 1 there will be a government shutdown.

Let's talk about the debt ceiling.

Again there is this deadline coming up in mid-november -- i mean mid october, as opposed to november.

President obama has said that he will not negotiate, but at the end of the day he has got to give john boehner something.

Their first order of business was to figure out what to ask for.

As was mentioned, there is the keystone pipeline, defunding obama care -- ethanol is part of it.

Exactly, is the real grab bag.

We have already seen steam lost on the obama care front.

They are already moving towards a delay posture.

Ways and means has a crafty tactic to work on, take things out of the president's own budget that he has already essentially approved and ask for, like social security for higher-income beneficiaries, medicare, cutting back on payments, things like that, they will pull back from the president, but of course the president is not going to move and those things, he is going to say ok, and in return we have the same show that we have seen for the past couple of years.

Me line done that, we have seen it before.

Busy time for congress when they come back.

Up next, richard court three wins confirmation after two years, but now that he has said, is the bureau about to get more aggressive?

Later, meet the hurricane hunters who spend their time in the eye of the storm to make the rest of the safe.

? ? president obama first nominated richard corporate to run the consumer financial protection agency in and 2011. the agency and hours prevented them from winning final confirmation until this past july.

The confirmation clause has been lifted.

Will he flexed the agency's regulatory mussels?

He joins this here on "capitol gains." sei for that -- they give for the time.

Is it safe to say that you have a certain degree of more confidence?

We always understood that the real juncture was to protect consumers and make sure that we were doing that every day, regardless of the sideshow that might be occurring in congress or somewhere else.

For us there are some of the waters for going forward after confirmation, with that controversy or complaint about the agency removed, there was a strong bipartisan vote in the senate and we're grateful for that and understand that that was a reflection.

What would that mean in terms of tangible terms for the congress?

Is it going to make a difference for your ability to recruit people without a question, the limbo out there about whether or not you have legal standing?

All along there was this sense that we had the authority to ask and that there was a responsibility that the american public expected us to fulfill in the marketplace to see that they are treated fairly, and that does not change.

We have always had a good opportunity to recruit people from the bureau because they are attracted to that mission and that does not change.

I do think that in regards to some of our actions, those who felt that there was uncertainty, that is great.

You have had a big focus of the mortgage market since he took those risks as director.

Is that going to be your top priority right now?

There is more work to do with the mortgage market.

It is a big part of the financial crisis and meltdown that hurt the americans across the country.

The mortgage market continues to recover in the rules you have put in place have provided uncertainty within the industry going forward and steps are being taken by regulators which are falling into place.

The housing market has clearly improved and is helping to guide the economy forward.

That is a good thing and we recognize we are protecting consumers, looking to buy homes, a big part of the american dream.

The qualified mortgage rule is the biggest thing you have done at that.

-- at the bureau so far.

Lenders and borrowers have met certain criteria, and for some in the industry they have said -- with you give them more time?

We have been working closely with industry for the past year.

The rule was finalized last january.

The outline was clear from the day that dodd-frank was enacted in july of 2010. clarifications were needed.

We will continue to work closely but them to see that consumers can have the benefit of the rules and that industry can continue to move forward without further uncertainty.

Sounds like january is not moving.

That is the date that congress is firm in setting in that we want to work with industry to make sure we can get it right in there are more reasonable about it.

Areas where you are starting to flex your muscles more, what are your concerns and messages to the industry?

We have released a white paper as we look at drafts, it came out earlier this year, identifying concerns over the complexity of product in certain aspects with reorganized transactions that are difficult to anticipate in the void of fees, of which is not a permanent marketplace, for sure.

We will continue to look at that.

At mining priorities earlier this year in addition to the work in the mortgage market, we call them the four d's, progressive credit-card industries that had returned hundreds of millions to consumers, deathtraps that are an issue for many mired in the cycle of debt, discrimination that continues to be a problem in some of these markets and needs to be rooted out.

Everyone deserves to have equal access to credit, it is the law in this country.

One interesting aspect is markets that i call dead ends for consumers because consumers typically do not have a choice or say.

Debt collection creates a lot of harm poor people.

Credit reporting is a frustrating market and influential to the lives of people.

Mortgage servicing has been very subpar for the people of this country and cause a lot of harm.

Final question, are you satisfied that the agency is making a difference?

I believe we are, but i also believe we have much more to do.

Thank you for the time.

Appreciate it very much.

Ever wonder what it is really like to be in the eye of our hurricane?

Meet the government storm chasers to fly into the eye of danger, just ahead.

? ? drop us a line to join us.

It has been a quiet hurricane season.

Halfway through their still have not been any major storms, but as we all know that can change quickly.

As we know, hurricane hunters could be ready to fly into danger at a moment's notice.

We have a closer look at the taxpayers' investment.

Inside a hangar at the air force base, three airplanes, a gulfstream jet, and two are poised to fly over the of wedtech or go on a moment's notice.

Their mission?

To head directly into hurricanes, using the latest technology to forecast the storm.

We are also dropping instruments from the aircraft.

It is similar to what the national weather service launches.

They are a taste of analog in a digital world.

They are made of a cardboard cylinder, a piece of cloth and strength.

They fell on to the arts -- the ocean floor and a measure with speed and air temperature.

This year there is a new high- tech feature that measures of levels of a hurricane in real time.

It helps people to get a better sense of the forecast and let them know whether or not to spend the money to supply and evacuate.

If we are using this form it can relate to multi pressure.

A stronger storm.

These two have been about a long time, built in 1976. we have a great system to fly on that is sturdy.

We are able to put the newest thing on it.

The future is likely to include the increased use of unmanned airplanes, like these drones for nasa.

Two of these former spy planes will travel to the waters off the coast of africa, where most hurricanes form.

They can fly three times longer, at 15,000 feet higher.

A game changer that helps to gather more data about these potentially devastating storms.

Your summer break may be over, but hurricane season does not end until a november 30. that does it for us at "capitol gains." thank you for watching.

We will see you next time.

? ? we are finding it, we are testing it, we are there as they build it.

We are on a quest to show you the most cutting-edge companies on the brink of the future.

Tonight, i will step into a tinkerer's paradise.

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Techshop changes the nature of the innovation process.

We will set up a house that will cut your power bill to zero.

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Companies that break the mold.

The future technology, design, and industry.

I am sure the you have a corporate electronics?

There creating microchip that can be worn inside of our body.

It helps to lead a healthier life.

There is all kind of data out there that helps us to live a healthier life.

It does not stop me from ordering french fries.

It might if you could see what those french fries were doing to your body as you ate them.

M0, on the brink of revolutionizing wearable electronics.

Fundamentally, i think m0 will change the way we think about our bodies.

Being able to naturally integrating electronics into our everyday life, we will be able to understand our own personal physiology in ways that was not possible before.

We are now heading over to m0's secret lab.

It is not a secret lab at all, actually.

It is over harvard.

That is where they're building these wearable electronics that can monitor what is going on inside your body.

All right, let's do it.

Welcome to the m0 clean room here at harvard.

Thank you, this is really exciting -- i feel like i am at nasa.

Can you tell me a little bit exactly what is going on?

Think of the tremendous innovation in the electronics space, things have gotten smaller, cheaper, and faster.

They are still fundamentally boxy and rigid -- what m0 is thinking about is taking electronics and allowing them to conform to humans.

What are you making here?

We manufacture and pattern the electronics themselves.


The semi-process is really about putting down different layers.

It is like a cooking show, almost.

You start with your dough -- more or less.

You add different ingredients, remove some.

Can i touch that?

Go ahead.

You can see some patterns that are beginning to form.

You can also see some spring- like interconnects at the side.

That gives the system stretch.

Welcome to m0. i can take you through some of the background of our technology.

M0 takes the intelligence out of this and make it soft and bendable.

Think about -- step number two is -- can i touch it?

Sure you can.

Thank you -- stretchy.

Step number three allows you to build intelligence between those.

You have got bendable, stretchable, you can think about new form factors for electronics.

I would love to be able to show you some.

I will follow you.

I will ask you to wear this.

This is an example of what the future of wearable tech will look like.

I can attach to your wrist right here.

Biostamp is a piece of electronics that sits naturally on the body and provides information about anything from your temperature, your brain activity, heart rate, muscle activity.

The combination of those pieces of information allow us to better understand what is going on with our own human physiology and make better decisions about our own health care and lead better, healthier lives.

Interesting the implications of the technology that will collect all of this data that is going on in your body.

On the one hand, has a real potential for changing all kinds of medicine and healthcare.

I wonder a little bit about my insurance company, when they discover that i was scarfing down t-bones at a rate of three a week and they decide to cancel my coverage.

What makes your operation unique is to use this ability this to transfer this into something that is stretchy, flexible.

We may be wearing on our skin or our clothing, or inside our bodies.

What does that mean for healthcare, patients, doctors?

You want it to happen in the background without thinking about it -- it has to be simple.

The idea of having continuous information is you can get access to healthcare only if and when you need it.

You are clearly in a development stage right now.

Tell me more about the steps from here to mass-produced product.

We have done some excellent prototyping.

We have got the attention of some world-class partners.

The next step is to continue developing the test targets for those customers.

We are doing some interventional medical devices.

On the consumer side, in sports and fitness there is a huge amount of focus on optimizing performance but also reducing the risk of injury.

Our checklight product with reebok is a great first example.

It is an impact indicator for contact sports.

While it is not a diagnostic for a concussion, it acts as an extra set of eyes on the field.

I am looking forward to seeing their work.

Can you show me what you have been working on?

First, sam, i would like to introduce you to isaiah.

Can we see how this works?


Ow, i feel bad for the dummy.

Yellow stands for a moderate impact.

You may want to get that looked at.


The idea is to give you data where you never had data before.

You played in the nfl, you had seven concussions.


Those are the ones i couldn't hide.

That a something about being an athlete.

You're not necessarily motivated to say, i have sustained a concussion.

There is an emotional investment of getting your place on the field, spending that time -- i want to play.

I don't want to be taken out of the game.


Being able to change that behavior, keep your head out of impact in whatever sport you play, that is a powerful thing we have seen with the checklight.

We are looking at a hockey set up, but this is an application for other sports.

It is on.

Has it triggered yet?

Our vision is in five years from now, everyone can take advantage of thin, conformable electronics in the biostamp to fundamentally change the way they play sports, to how they take care of their own health.

Giving people information about their own body is an empowering thing.

We believe that consumers should have access to that information and control that information for themselves.

I never knew that bionic technology existed to the point where it would be used in my life.

You really are seeing the birth of a bionic industry.

How does it feel to be taking steps right now?

Oh, it is amazing.

? ? the age of the bionic man is upon us.

I visited ekso bionics where i got to see firsthand an ekso suit, which is a device that will enable paralyzed people to walk.

This is being used in hospitals and rehab facilities, does it have to stay there?

It has wider applications.

I spoke with somebody who wore the ekso suit to the most important moment of their life.

Ekso bionics, on the brink of overcoming paralysis.

To see the technology start in a lab and makes it to a point where you are affecting somebody, it's pretty powerful.

I never knew that bionic technology existed to the point would be used this soon in my life.

Can you tell me about the technology i'm looking at right now?

This thing is walking on its own.

This is ekso -- we like to think of it as a wearable robot.

It is designed to help people with spinal cord injuries to stand up and walk.

How it does that is we have a structure here that goes around, and then we have these electric actuators in the knees and hips that help move the user.

We started, working at uc berkeley and spun the technology out of there.

The main impetus of the technology back then was a first help soldiers with load carriage.

Two weeks after i started working on it, my brother, who is a navy seal, had an injury and broke his neck.

I got to see a spinal cord injury and what ekso's could do to help that population.

Doctors kept coming and asking us if we could help make a skeleton that would help people walk again.

Is there any way that i could test out the technology?

We always start with a walker that gives us the most stability.

The first thing to do is stand up.

The robot will do all of the work for you for your legs.

Your knees and hips will be taken care of.

1, 2, 3. whoa!

Wow, that is such a weird sensation.

It feels like it weighs nothing.


All the weight of the ekso goes down around you all the way to the ground.

You don't feel anything.

If i am a spinal cord injury patient today, and i have no control on their legs, the ekso skeleton is a great tool for helping him walk.

Through a specified gait pattern.

You are walking.

As you progress through with the walker, we can graduate to crutches.

It is a lot bigger than i expected.

We like to think of this as the first suitcase cell phone of the bionic industry.

Our goal is to make it smaller as we progress and get it personalized and it does not need all the other features that this has for the rehab environment.

We have to keep pushing the technology for all of the users that are counting on us out there to have that new device that they can take home with them.

The first time i was able to put on the ekso and walk was a surreal experience.

I was concentrating so hard in the beginning on how to walk.

I never had to think about that before.

In october 2008, i was in a motorcycle accident.

I was involved in a head-on collision on a mountain road with a car.

The doctor said i had no chance of walking again.

Being a police officer, being in the military, i was always used to running, always going.

Now i was relearning how to walk and it was taking away from my moment of realizing how tall i was again and that i was actually walking, my knees were bending and i had a heel strike.

It was with the robot.

Can you explain how this whole system works?

I am controlling each step with a push of this button.

In the backpack we have a computer and a cell phone.

Our engineers can actually tap into the cell phone and it communicates how many steps, how much time the robot has been walking and everything.

The bulk of the backpack is a computer.

These are the batteries.

We have hip motors and knee motors.

On his right hand we have our crutch interface.

He can actually engage the walk cycle by hitting the button here.

So i initiate a walk.

And then my first step.

How does it feel to be taking steps right now?

It is amazing.

It is slower than my wheelchair, but it is more gratifying.

I understand you were able to walk down the aisle and stand at your own wedding due to the ekso suit?

What was great was that i did not tell anybody i was doing this.

My wife knew, but all my guests did not know.

So when things were delayed, they were getting ansy -- i come walking out of those doors, there was a roar.

[cheers and applause] it may be what a professional football player feels when they go on the field and the crowd is cheering.

I felt like i was a superstar.

We really have gone from a company that was doing research and development on science- fiction stuff, and built it to a manufacturing company.

We are manufacturing robots in california.

You really are seeing the birth of a bionic industry.

What is coming up for you guys?

We are transitioning the device from spinal cord injury to general gait therapy.

That can include stroke, als, ms, other issues where you have trouble walking, we can have ekso help with those issues.

The goal always has been to have the person really translate from the rehab hospital to the home.

I want to get outside with this.

More than i already have.

I want to be able to walk over uneven terrain.

Get back to my roots, go outside.

The dream is having that mobility device where people can go out and belly up to the bar with you and have a drink.

This home comes with a guarantee of 10 years of zero electricity and zero gas payments.

When you look at the total cost of owning, operating, and maintaining the home, it is less than renting.

? ? if you're thinking about building a house, you naturally start thinking about energy efficiency.

There is a new company in houston called houze -- h.o.u.z.e. -- which stands for zero energy.

They are trying to take home building and efficiency a whole new level.

When building a home, people have been thinking about reducing their energy bill for years.

Other than their name, what is so unique about houze?

They are trying to look at the entire package.

Not just a construction of the home, but the energy systems within it.

Matt miller went down to houston to check it out.

Houze, on the brink of commercializing the zero-energy home.

What we are doing will revolutionize the homebuilding industry.

Our mission is to make every home a zero-energy home in america.

It is smart, it is stronger.

Make it affordable, make it for the masses.

We are building zero-energy homes right here in independence heights, houston, texas.

Using this as a model to duplicate across the united states.

I see that there are some houses that are in pretty bad shape around here.

Where we see challenge, we also see opportunity.

This community is ripe for being revitalized.

We have taken a leadership role.

Why don't we go see the model home?


This home comes with a guarantee of 10 years of zero electricity and zero gas payments.

These are 100% natural gas powered homes.

Natural gas is fuel stock for the power cells to make electricity.

We are actually producing more electricity than the home uses by a pretty significant amount.

The way we contribute to zero energy is, we sell back to the grid, and we pay for the natural gas.

This is the production.

This is how much energy or electricity we are producing right now.

We are using 1.6 kilowatt hours of electricity, but we are sending back to the grid 2.8 kilowatts.

You get paid to do that?

We get paid to sell it back to the grid.

So you can pass the savings on to the consumer.

They get a better house for a lower price.

That is correct.

Show me the way.

Come on in, matt.

The power cell is kind of the basis innovation off of which everything else runs?

This is an always-on piece of equipment.

It runs off of natural gas.

It generates all the electricity that the home needs.

How does it work?

It is a lot like your car.

It has a piston-driven engine inside.

The engine turns a generator, and it also provides all of this heat that we are using in innovative ways.

There is no reason to use electricity when you have all this heat available.

You could do anything where you heat water.

Coffee makers, whirlpool, hot tub.

We want to partner with people that have products that can be manufactured consistent with our solutions.

We would love to have a line of appliances that work with the way we are building these homes.

One of the key pieces of equipment we are going to put in is this hydronic loop.

We call it the aqua drive.

It is a closed-loop system that circulates water around the home.

It gets hot by heat that comes off of our power cell, which you saw earlier.

Will it heat the house?

Are we talking about steam heat with radiators like my grandparents used to have?

Very similar, but it is not steam, it is hot water.

The power cell changes the game and makes technology like this much more interesting and useful.

We zero base the thinking on everything.

Piece by piece, within the home.

We realized that to use better materials, to use better technologies in the homes, we had to offset that somehow.

The only way to offset that is through a systems-built approach.

It is not one piece that makes it so interesting, it is everything together in the way it works.

We are bringing everything together.

Every relationship, every technology that we are aware of.

We use a special spray foam that a company called lapolla created for us called houze foam.

You manufacture their insulation?

We do.

We are one of the largest manufacturers of spray foam for construction in north america.

The houze product is the highest cutting-edge technology available today.

This is a great visual demonstration.

It is hot air blowing in the lower cavity, you can see where the spray foam is stopping the airflow from coming through.

Where with these products, you can see the difference with the allowance of air penetration.

These gauges are measuring the temperatures inside the boxes.

Not only does the spray foam eliminate the infiltration, it reduces the temperature by 30 to 40 degrees.

Can i get a chance at shooting the gun?

We can make that happen.

Let's do it.

That was a blast.


One of the first things i thought about when i was reading about these homes was, i want one.

You're not going to get any electric bills, you have designed them to have an ample amount of space.

Is it going to be $500,000, what are we talking about for the price?

$225,000. $250,000 max.

About 75% of the new homes sold in america are $250,000 or less.

We felt like, if we were going to go after the masses, we have to achieve that price point or less.

We are doing this at an affordable price point in a middle-class neighborhood and making product and homes that regular people can live in and benefit from.

When you look at the total cost of owning, operating, and maintaining the home, it is less than renting.

We come back a year from now, you'll see that this community is changed.

We felt like we needed to build homes and demonstrate that these were better built homes, better performing homes.

We always had the vision of delivering products that would change any home.

We are incubating new technologies that we are confident that manufacturers will want to take to market and help us mass produce.

Do you think houze is a blueprint for what homebuilders are going to be doing from now on?

It is a blueprint for what homebuilders will be doing in the future.

We believe there is potential for every single home in america to be a net-positive energy home.


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