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Jan. 8 (Bloomberg) -- MIT Technology Review Deputy Director Brian Bergstein discusses the internet of things and the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Toothbrush to your refrigerator can be connected online.

Brian bergstein is with me now.

You are not that impressed.

You say there are a lot of wow factors but the difference between thinking something is interesting and buying something is different.

We see this every year where a lot of stuff comes out.

There is a big splash, a lot of media attention on it.

Things kind of fizzled out.

You never hear from some of these products again.

I think you will see a lot of that with some of these interconnected gadgets that have come up.

That is actually a good thing.

What this is showing us is it is very cheap now to make a wearable device or to put internet intelligence into something and connected to the internet.

Why that is good as people are going to start throwing a lot of things against the wall to see what sticks.

It'll put some network intelligence into them.

Over the long run, some of these will stick.

I think we are at the beginning of a huge opportunity for the internet of things to be the next big platform and computing.

To any stakeouts that you read about, that you have seen, that you say this is useful and people are actually going to buy this?

I think in certain applications -- there was the internet connected door lock.

There was somebody that allows you to greet that's -- greet visitors remotely.

You can see who is walking up to your door and with them in or out on your smart phone.

Things like that will be useful in certain applications.

I am not sold on the internet connected toothbrush, for example.

The bigger point is that these kinds of gadgets are going to come and they are going to create a lot of data.

There's going to be chips and every one of these, they will all the network.

The real money is in the enabling technologies that make it possible.

This is why i am saying we are at the beginning of -- a huge opportunity for companies like qualcomm or even intel to create the foundation of this new wave of computing.

All these apps on top of it, it is like the website is in the mid-90s. a lot of the websites seem trivial or frivolous in the mid 90's i want to bring in my colleague who has his atlanta braves toothbrush connected to the internet.

You mentioned wearable technologies.

Friends have fueled bands and job owns and things like that.

Seems like a huge thing coming out of ces.

Is it time for that technology to catch on with costs coming down and it seems like costs are coming up?

I think wearables are somewhat like that, some of the prime products.

I think you are right.

We have seen this in this competition here.

Wearables is coming at this from different ways.

Nike with its band is all about getting you to score points.

Other ones are a bit more about combining that information with the diet.

There are lots of choices in wearables and that is usually the hallmark of a market that is about to go really big.

What about security concerns?

How much do we open ourselves up to letting information that we don't really want out there available.

It is a huge unanswered question in the internet of things.

Anything that you put online, whether it is a car or a refrigerator, there is a new vulnerability attached to that.

A lot of them can be managed, the skewed in a lot of these devices needs to be taken more seriously.

Some initial research has shown that security concerns have not really been addressed.

These devices and all these new internet connected things are going back to sure that whatever they enable is so good that you may be willing to take this chance.

Right now that is a bit of an

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