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Aug. 6 (Bloomberg) -- HelloSociety Founder and CEO Kyla Brennan discusses the company's Pinterest marketing and tech platform with Mark Crumpton Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves". (Source: Bloomberg)

That sounds great.

Hello society, what is it and where the did the idea come from?

It is built around pinterest, which is one of the top media sites around the world.

Some people love us -- some of us call it "pin interest." we represent the top earners on pintrest.

They are reaching collectively the entirety of pinterest . we collect these top pinners with advertisers to have effective gains on social sites.

Who are your backers?

We started as a part of science, which is a tech firm in santa monica -- in santa monica.

You're lucky we did not need any funding off the bat.

We are very possible some day one.

-- from day one.

Who are your network -- who is your network and what is their net worth?

Clocks they are very influential.

Some of these people will reach 10 million users.

They are considered a very influential voice.

The really cool thing about this is they are not celebrities.

They are everyday people who can range from housewives in the rural south to an architect in new york.

The common thread is they are not saying that.

Any graphics about the top cities that surprise you?

Is there anything in there, atlanta, seattle?

This is where our net look -- our network is located.

The majority you will find in middle america.

The people who we represent are located in urban areas and cities.

I do not think that is too surprising considering the trends often emerge from cities.

The pacemakers are set in the cities and people -- what separates a low society from other marketers?

We are the only people in the space who are conducting marketing campaigns using the influential voices on pinterest.

There is no way to buy advertising.

The only way to get a meaningful audience to your marketing campaign is to use a really well thought -- i have 30 seconds left.

How is image is going to take you to the next level?

That is all it is.

That is where it is at.

Have to make sure the images are the best of the best.

They need to be high quality and compel it in -- and compelling.

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