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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Michael Chasen, co-founder at Blackboard and founder of Social Radar, talks about the development of apps to aid higher education and using data to connect students. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

I think that is a little bit of a misnomer.

A lot of great technologies in washington, d.c., and a lot of great start-ups as well.

Can you do something about the traffic and ruston?

Togethe there is definitely an app for that.

You tapped into combining education and technology.

What are you focused on for location sharing?

To go with new tech -- we new technology would fundamentally change the way people teach around the world.

It is used by 20,000 institutions, and 30 million people around the world.

You get your course material on line, take losses on line.

Online component to a traditional class or might take an entire course online.

Those classrooms are using technology more than ever before.

All those kids on campus.

95 percent of college kids have this book profiles online.

You want them to walk into a classroom or conference call and be able to check who they know is around.

Picco we border on having that ability today.

Over 80 percent of college students have smart phones in their pockets.

They have the user information online.

No one has cross-referenced reach across-reference that to be able to scan the room to tell you who is in it.

This is what is so important about the technology, you need to be up front and build a high level of security and privacy so you could say i do not want anyone to see me or maybe i want to be anonymous.

Who d.s.l. this information to?

Right now we're focused on getting an application that we think can fundamentally change the way people connect.

-- who do you sell this information to?

Right now we're using this for commerce.

We say here are good, opportunities nearby.

Good people you may want to interact with nearby.

Some do and others take it.

You do it.

What is the mistake all of the entrepreneur hours are making today were trying to aspire to be like michael chasen?

I do not know if i could narrow it down to just one mistake.

A lot of people say blackboard , you took a company public.

That is what i want to do.

Going public is just a financing vehicle.

You need to focus a great company, building a great business.

Tell me about your first meeting with provident capital.

They said we're interested in taking back for private.

It went through a process for who would be the best fit.

A tremendous amount of holdings in the education space.

We decided it made the most sense to work with them to take the company private.

I was reading you are developing this for the android and iphone and google class, where both technology.

-- google glass.

Imagine walking into our room and not looking down at your hands at all but information comes up on the screen, someone you know from college, co- workers nearby.

Giving you the information to quickly locate them or find out additional information on their background or what they have been up to.

To come i get social radar -- greater and easy to connect.

You get information offer for square and twitter and where people have checked in.

People are sharing their location across all of the networks.

Social rhetoric -- greater focus is on mining the data on the networks where people can check and or share locations come aggregating that together to just one place and combining it with the other people that have social radar to let you know who was nearby and how you are connected to them.

Could you have been very successful as blackboard.

-- you have been very successful with blackboard.

The technology is just coming forward were enough people are using this technology and have enough information online that we can tie together that information to make it relevant to you in the people around you.

Michael chasen, thank you for joining us.

The founder of black bart -- blackboard.

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