Connecting Amazon to Customers One Ad at a Time

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Feb. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Doug Knopper, co-CEO at FreeWheel, discusses his company’s role in helping Amazon to unveil their new video strategy and the challenge of tailoring ads to e-commerce sites on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

-- tell us what that means.

We're working with amazon and a nice and close relationship.

They have announced plans to build a video advertising network.

The goal for that is for them to get closer to the customer.

They would help the customer figure out what it is they want to buy.

The wild -- the advertising business is wildly understood.

The numbers are right.

Probably it would be the third largest is a jewish -- in tehhe u.s. amazon is trying to use video and video advertising to get closer to the customers.

How does your technology work?

What makes you special?

What we are is essentially a technology platform for all of the big television companies.

The television companies and cable operators.

Managing content for further company goes.

We manage all of the infrastructure and the office behind it.

When will we see this relationship at work?

We are already seeing it now.

Amazon has short term video.

You can see what we do.

Is there one particular place where we can see these appear?

Wherever amazon is serving video.

Their video on demand flat -- platforms.

We see in so many places video seems to be a much stronger thing.

I wonder, when it comes to advertising, what works more effectively?

The thing about advertisements is it shows you up face to buy.

Do you need to do that and video?

No, you do not.

You have to think about what happens in the online eddiejust like television.

Tv is tv.

You do not see it to buy here.

You may or may not taken action.

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