Congress Returns to D.C. in 2014 Campaign Mode

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Jan. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg chief Washington correspondent Peter Cook and White House correspondent Phil Mattingly discuss the main topics in Washington as Congress returns to Capitol Hill on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Order of business for the senate when it goes back into session?

Maybe we can get some progress on some of these tough issues.

We are not likely to make too much progress.

The first thing that comes up is an old fight.

That is the fight over extending unemployment benefits.

Kratz need 60 votes to move forward.

They are likely not going to get the republican cooperation.

This is a showboat of sorts.

It tips off a larger fight and larger push by democrats in this midterm election year looking at income equality.

Just maybe they will win back the house of representatives.

Let's talk about the president.

His approval rating is quite low right now.

He has a state of the union address coming up in what should we expect?

He needs to win back popularity.

Peter hit on a key point.

The president gave a speech hammering at the wealth gap in this country.

It was kind of like a state of the union light did you will hear a lot of these themes again on january 28. -- state of the union light.

You'll hear a lot of these themes again on january 28. this is what i am hearing from republican aides.

They want to see if there is going to be any middle ground.

Is he going to open the door to some type of progress?

, how disappointed will americans be if for the first time they hear the president speak this year it is going to be all about a campaign when we are just starting to see real recovery and that recovery has not hit much of america?

I don't think anybody is surprised that politicians talking about political talking points.

What the obama administration wants is you is find.

I think they feel like this appeals to regular americans, talking about the wealth gap.

It is something that will appeal to those frustrated with a lack of progress on anything in this town.

What does that mean?

Does it mean the democrats in congress are going to continue pushing forward and get nowhere because the republicans in the house will not pass them and then similarly the republicans will keep hammering away at obama care?

I think the bottom line is most likely, yes.

You are going to have republicans with another vote on another obamacare piece of legislation.

They think there is plenty to mind politically with the rollout of obamacare.

Democrats like to talk about these other issues.

They support the idea of a higher minimum wage.

You are going to get a lot of politics between now and november.

You have a lot of democratic senators who are risking -- mitt romney one back in 2012. not a lot of success on big issues.

Is their unanimity over things like unemployment benefits?

I think i saw and exert on one of the talk shows where rand paul was saying, in principle i can get behind unemployment benefits as long as we pay for them.

That is the it -- that is the message you're getting from republicans.

Even john boehner says we could potentially support the idea of extending these unemployment benefits but it has to be paid for and democrats are not willing to go there just yet.

You also have dean heller, the republican senator from nevada.

That is one of the states hardest hit by the economy.

Employment -- unemployment is still high there.

He signed onto this legislation but he is the only republican senator to do so.

That is our chief, -- chief

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