Congress Needs to Get Back to Business: Gregg

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Oct. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Former Senator Judd Gregg, a New Hampshire Republican, comments on the lockdown of the U.S. Capitol after gunshots were heard outside. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Bloomberg news has learned that the shooter is in fact dead.

The shooter is dead.

That is coming from the c police -- d.c. police.

Again, that was the information.

I heard the same.

I just wanted to confirm everything.

Awaiting several more reports about others at the scene.

Again, want to confirm everything first of four we pass it along, because -- again, want to confirm everything first before we pass it along, because this is accommodated situation.

A lot of rumors flying around capitol hill.

A rumor that someone was wondering around and tried to insert one of the capitol building.

Does not appear to be what happened.

I am in a building -- honestly i have not been able to try to leave the building you.

I'm afraid if i did they would not let me get very far.

They were allowing movement on the capitol grounds, but i understand they have been moving the perimeter.

They are allowing for a press conference at the scene at second and constitution.

My understanding is there will be a 3:30 press conference from the capitol police about what happened here, where it all started, and how it ended.

And also who was injured in the gunfire.

That played out again just a block from where i am right now.

You know, trish, as we teased together everything that happened, it looks as though a car -- as we teased together everything that happened, it looks as though a car tried to ram a security barricade.

A car chase ensued.

It ended up near the capitol at second and constitution.

There appears to been issued out.

D.c. police have confirmed

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