Congress Makes Nasa Finish Useless $350M Structure

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Jan. 8 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “The Roundup,” Comedian Chuck Nice, Trish Regan, Adam Johnson, Alix Steel and Cory Johnson wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Talk about?

Barnes & noble promoted their new ceo from cfo.

Barnes & noble had about 670 stores.

They were heavily into the note.

The knuckle what?

-- heavily into the nook.

Nook what?

The interesting thing about alix is that she take the opposite of what you might intuitively think.

Were example, alex likes best buy customer service much more than, say, apple customer service.

They have great customer service.


Thank you very much.

Alix most certainly has a nook.

I have neither, just the ipad.

I actually like the things that you open and turn actual pages.

It is a difficult business that has been really struggling, trying to turn around.

Perhaps the founder will be coming in.

Microsoft is putting a big chunk of change on the nook, but the kindle and i've had a really dominating the tablet business.

Amazon really keeps that stuff close to the vest.

He is like -- i will just buy them all myself.

I don't care if the numbers are down.

I will buy every candle that there is.

And the washington post -- "the washington post," in the process, too.

Kindle, you can only sell them at a loss.

The business model, he has admitted to that.

He does not care about making a profit on the kindle at all.

Amazon is selling more physical books.

Here is the thing i like about arnzen noble.

I love the fact that the only way i can convince people that i am smart is to have them see me coming out of a barnes and noble.

You cannot do that with an ipad or a kindle.

And you reader, -- n you reader -- an e-reader, no one can see how smart i am.

You have to be near barnes & noble to have that payoff?

I take pictures and post them online.

Do you just walk around with the bag?

That is right.

I do not buy anything from sacks, but i have plenty of their bags.

Guilt by association.

In the good kind of way.

Talking about guilt, this is unbelievable.

Nasa was building a rocket stretcher that cost about 300 $50 million.

There it is in mississippi.

Turns out they have to spend another $57 million.

Congress has said -- ok, you can finish building it, even though this thing was built starting in 2010 for rocket engines that are not used anymore.

They are not using this?

These were rocket engines originally associated with the spice -- the spec -- the space shuttle program.

That all got outsourced to billionaires.

Congress said that we can go ahead and build it, in part because they said in mississippi that this is good for the constituents.

Republican, by the way.

Just saying.

[indiscernible] republicans would supposedly be the first ones who want to trim the fat.

But spending money for no reason.

Republicans can finally say that they have a jobs plan.

That is right.

It cost 840 thousand dollars per year to maintain the thing.

There you go.

This is the whole government spending issue, right?

Do we trust the government at the end of the day to be the best allocator of capital?


thank you.

In the defense of the government, here's the thing, this was built at a time when we were still building rockets.

The real issue is why we are still building it, but at one point it served a purpose and it could again, once version actually starts shooting things into space.

Elon musk, also, perhaps spacex might -- what do we think, the government might be able to spin this off, so to speak?

Admittedly, it is located at the space center that employs about 5000 people.

It is on the back 40. if you are a private enterprise at the end of the day -- private enterprise, at the end of the day you will not spend something -- spend money on something you don't need.

Virgin galactic, they have said that they are going to fly this calendar year.

They are trying to get into the satellite launching business.

Spacex, run by tesla.

It should be one of them.

There is a battle right now over cape canaveral.

Each of those companies wants to get the right to run that center exclusively.

That is the one they have been negotiating over, but all three of the companies have been marching fast towards the space business.

I will give you a tease, but i went down to the gravity flight down there.

You did?

I was going to go zero g, but they take you in these parabolic loops.

Some people did not do as well as others.

How did you do?

I will not ruin the story.


i kept it clean.


Did you see "gravity"? what did you think?

It was a good movie.

Here's the thing -- fulda slowed her, adam and i did not like it.

Scared me.

Whenever i watch a movie and i'm like -- that can happen, they -- that can happen, that is my call.

Suspension of disbelief is the job of the movie.

I'm glad you said that, i feel a little bit better.

How about the fact that, you know, that there was nothing that we could, you know, relate to about these characters?

What are you talking about?

The fear of dying alone in space?

Like she was all alone in a spacesuit, floating around.

Do not go anywhere, chuck.

We have another story we want to

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