Congress Focused on Getting Budget Committee Right

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Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Government senior economist Nela Richardson and David Strasser, managing director at Janney Montgomery Scott, discuss the biggest issues facing Congress and how political uncertainty may impact consumer sentiment heading into the holiday shopping season. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

It seems like six things.

Tiom, i wish they wanted to get business done, we would avoid a lot of problems if they were not getting business done.

They are focused on the budget committee.

These talks resume this week.

They want to make sure that we are not in the same situation we were a month ago.

The committee needs to get an agreement, whether it is a grand bargain that seems very elusive, or a small deal about how to give the government open.

Is a polarized committee or a centrist committee that will get whacked over the head down the road?

It is polarized.

The house and senate are about $80 million apart.

Democrats are starting to introduce demands and where they think the tax revenue raisers will be.

There is always the specter of obamacare in the background.

Will be the demand going forward on how to delay some parts of thsis?

The same stuff we heard.

This is a redux.

Didn't she say this?

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

David strasser, how does this play into consumer sentiment?

None of this can help.

Your say the lower end consumer still struggling.

We have a note out this morning, black friday will be fascinating.

Black thursday, thanksgiving.

Walmart really set the tone yesterday by doing a one-hour guarantee on all their doorbusters.

It is tremendous.

Most people offer limited supply products on doorbusters.

For one hour, they are guaranteeing $100 off the ipad, cheaper vizio tv's, they are going to drive the pricing and the traffic up.

Pricing is what it is all about.

Here it is even more so, is about having enough inventory so everyone will get it.

Even the headline price can be misleading.

You may have limited supplies.

Here, they are telling you if you come, you're getting at.

David strasser with us.

We will talk about the holiday season.

She shops, scarlet fu.

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