Conflict Kitchen: Eat Like Our Enemies

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Aug. 19 (Bloomberg) – On today’s “Weird Wall Street,” Bloomberg’s Matt Miller, Adam Johnson and Sara Eisen discuss bizarre stories in business, including Conflict Kitchen, a 285 pound pot stash in a gun safe, and calling 911 during a cable outage. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart”. (Source: Bloomberg)

The bizarre is business as usual.

Lacks if you ever wanted to taste food from america's enemies, you can now.

It is called conflict kitchen, or 80 restaurant that serves cuisine solely from countries in which the u.s. is in conflict.

The menu changes every few months of based on geopolitical affairs.

This month it is cuban conflict cuisine.

I love it.

Let's go.

I thought this would be an al jazeera cooking show.

They have a rocky menus -- iraqi menus.

You do not have to go there.

Maybe that will break down some walls.

Missing your favorite show may be an emergency to you but it is not an emergency to the police.

Connecticut police reported 911 calls due to a cable outage that hit parts of the state.

Come on.

They wanted people to know that it is not an emergency.

And outage is "not a police related concern." come on.

What are people thinking?

That is absurd.

I have probably the best weird wall street i've ever done them on marijuana.

A guy in ohio ordered a unsafe from champion saves.

When he got it delivered to his home, he found almost 300 pounds of tightly wrapped mexican brick weed.

That is worth almost $500,000. the company has american seal packaged at a prison in mexico.

The inmate there decided to pack this ox up with grass -- this box up with grass.

He turned it into the police.

He did not keep it.

He did not keep all of it.

That is "street smart" for it today.

We will see you tomorrow.


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