Companies Thinking Outside the Box on Ad Strategy

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Sept. 13 (Bloomberg) -- "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson looks at the growing importance of advertising across social media. (Source: Bloomberg)

Twitter's planned ipo are important developments to the ongoing success of social media.

Companies are paying big bucks to reach customers and are thinking outside the box could chipotle has spent next to nothing traditionally on tv commercials, but recently it has hired an award-winning production house.

The goal, create short films for the web and games for mobile devices.

The latest project is called the scarecrow and it makes a harsh statement about industrial food production.

? come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination take a look and you'll see into your imagination we'll begin with a spin traveling in a world of my creation what we'll see will defy ? man, that is intense.

From something dark to something a little lighter, eyebrows raising as kmart airs the earliest christmas commercial ever.

This is a whopping 106 days for the holidays -- seriously, guys, it is 80 degrees outside.

Don't let the holidays sneak up on you.

Shop early, and even your member price item can be put on the layaway.

Get in, get more christmas.

Is the giant gingerbread man roaming through the office doesn't do it for you, how about a camel?

You recognize this commercial from geico.

Uh oh, guess what day it is.

Huh, anybody?

Oh, come on, i know you can hear me.

Mike mike mike, guess what day it is?

So stupid, but i love it.

No wonder the dallas mavericks are playing copycat.

Oh, come on, i know you can hear me.

Champ champ champ, what day is it.

Game day.

Talk about copycat, motorola is taking a page out of samsung's playbook, having a little fun at apple's expense.

11 million views on youtube -- incredible.

Wait, make that 11,000,001. can't touch you right now.

You know the rules, no touching, no mike kelly.

-- no magelly.

I will just sing it.

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