Commerzbank to Face U.S. Sanction Penalties

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July 8 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor William Cohan reports on Commerzbank to be fined by U.S. sanctions. He speaks with Betty Liu on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Prosperous -- less prosperous candidates are attacking those who are too rich.

Yang yang, is that what we are seeing?

The irony is former secretary of state hillary clinton, her income gap has drawn attention.

In michigan, a republican with assets in the tens of millions of dollars, mostly in apartment complexes run by her husband, is being accused of helping the rich and powerful at the expense of voters.

In georgia, former dollar general ceo david perdue was accused of failing to understand "this is an election, not an auction." perhaps the most high stake election -- mitch mcconnell is being attacked for quadrupling his net worth on the backs of hard-working kentuckians that he cannot afford it.

Together, the three are the wealthiest senate candidates in the 12 most competitive states according to data compiled by bloomberg news, and the attacks that they are rich and out of touch could make a big difference in the key races.

Ok, do they actually work?

That is what president obama and the democrats are counting on -- it worked against mitt romney in the presidential race.

It is a big message for them.

As it turns out, the strategy would be stronger in a presidential election year because you see higher voter participation with a lower average income.

Still, with the senate races, the out of touch card could

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