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Aug. 11 (Bloomberg) –- Swiss Space Systems Asia Vice President Richard Joye discusses launching the first zero gravity flights in the Asia-Pacific with Rishaad Salamat on “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Vice president.

Tell us what it is.

How does zero-g work?

We have an aircraft or that is being modified in order to do parabolic flights.

That is going up and down.


We accelerate so people get a bit of geez -- g's. during 20 to 22 seconds, people feel no gravity or less gravity as we go down.

35% knows my and then 35% nosedown did yes.

The other flight is roughly 20 minutes because we have to go to specific spots where we can do these maneuvers and have 20 seconds of zero gravity for 15 sessions -- 15 times in one session.

Normally, we would reserve airspace in the shape of a triangle.

Singapore is a very tiny airspace, same with hong kong.

So they will block is a corridor rather than a triangle and we will do this back in forth for an hour to.

-- an hour or two.

Do people get sick?

People got sick in the vomit comet.

The differences this was made for professionals.

Astor not soon training do 60 or 70 parabolas during a flight.

If we go beyond that, people can get very sick.

How does the experience compared to that one?

One thing we are doing is the parabola would be much more precise than anything ever done before because it will be electrically driven.

So no manual commands.

A precise parabola, a smoother ride if you wish, and only if it came parabolas so everybody can enjoy it -- only 15 parabolas so everyone can enjoy it.

It ain't cheap.


We want people to experience this.

If we go to space eventually.

Well it's cheaper than going to space but it is no expensive for 100 minutes of going up and down.

2000 euros, that is the cheapest option for three.

And you would get 15 parabolas.


5000 euro for premium and vip passengers.

Is that a different class?

There is a vip room that i can hold 10 or 12 people.

The aircraft is separated in three zones.

The vip room works well for corporations and families and friends.

But the experience is going to be the same.

Yes, but we may have some activities that are different from one zone to the other.

The difference is really because our sponsor is including the price watch, time fees, limited edition, not available in stores.

And you would get that available that she would get that as a bip.

-- and you would get that as a vip.

What do you get if you pay the 2000 euros?

You can't keep the suits.

You just have the experience.

You have pictures and video.

For 5000 euro, you keep the watch in the suit and other goodies.

How much does that watch retail for in the store if you buy it?

We would have to ask breitling.

I'm not sure that they would tell you.

It is a very nice watch, black titanium, limited edition.

You are marketing this already.

We are not marketing it.

But here you are in this program.

Yes, we are meeting some of our sponsors, partners and investors but we are not officially marketing it.

Breitling is doing a good job marketing the watch.

We are going to start marketing in mid-september, once we are closer to the launch date.

What is the overall reaction like on the run up to that?

Very interesting.

Some destinations, even though we have not started marketing it, have already sold out.

There are people calling us from countries that we have not planned this a we want you to come to my country and i will underwrite to floods or three flights.

I will -- underwrite to flights

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