Comedies Are out as Networks Set Fall Lineups

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May 16 (Bloomberg) –- Horizon Media Director of Research Brad Adgate previews the fall TV season. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Cleared from the networks, they are getting to launch their 2014 lineup and it looks like, these are out and new series are in.

The director of research at horizon media now has a preview of the upcoming season.

One of the things that characterizes the season it looks like is -- eventizing?

They have made up this word to describe what they are doing.

We will see peter pan.

Nbc has also contracted the rights to the music man.

That could be in 2015. thank you "glee" right?

That is right, but their population is dropping.

They never mentioned idol or gle e. this is the first time since 1983 that nbc has cut back or thursday night comedy block.

I think that is a response to thursday night football.

Cbs is cut back their monday night comedy block.

Les moonves spoke directly to that yesterday.

Let's listen to what he said.

We shifted down from it, needs to six comedies.

We will still have 4 after football is over, but having thursday night football gives us some flexibility.

We will open the season with big bang, normally on thursday, on monday night.

They have a longer drama series.

It is sort of like, do not look over here, but look at the football.

Is that the right strategy, do you think?

It is because of the numbers football skit.

Some of the football is the highest rated show on television for the third straight year.

The problem with football, once it is over, it is so hard to replace.

Viewing patterns have been set and you can never get the ratings boost that football will give you.

In this case, it is eight weeks.

They will move "the big bang theory" to monday night and then set the comedy block.

It does tell you a lot about how the television industry is changing.

The more event programming, that is a theme, change in the focus on comedy, what else?

More miniseries, limited series.

Effectively copying netflix and hbo?

I think the poster boy for that is "breaking bad." the rating skyrocketed and brought in younger viewers, which are things that the networks want.

Sometimes the strategy changes.

Abc will run 13 episodes of a show and then they will have a 10 week miniseries and then another 15 weeks of the same show.

If there are so many miniseries, how many viewers can you get?

There are dvr's and you can also watch streaming.

Overnight ratings do not mean anything anymore because there is so much on-demand viewing.

Particularly with miniseries and limited series runs, you can watch when you want.

It is serialized.

It is like watching true detective or something.

I see evidence of this every day.

My kids are binge watchers.

They do not watch appointment television.

Doesn't then increase the pressure on the network to improve the quality overall?

If it will be viewing that you can want any time, not appointment viewing, doesn't it mean that the quality has to be better to really get people in?

Also when there is so much competition for our attention which is not tv.

They have to go out and find something that is unique and good.

Fox is very good at that.

They have a show called "empire" about terrence howard.

He has kids and wants to pass the business onto them.

That is something that has not really been done.

We are also seeing a lot of comic book shows, like marvel's "agen carter." "agents of shield" haven't they not performed all that well?

They bring in mail viewers to abc.

Abc is mostly female driven.

They do not rely on live sports.

They do not have the nfl package that nbc and cbs now has.

It is a very female driven network.

They are trying to get more mail viewers.

Julie brings up an important issue which we have not discussed until now, quality.

How good is the stuff?

That is up to the viewer to decide but there has been a change.

It is a little grittier, they have taken a page from a cable has been doing for years.

Kind of like the antihero approach.

Something that advertises will support, particularly if they can get younger viewers.

Advertisers are prepared to support it now, but one of the reasons podcasted that do this before is because they were not prepared to support it then.

This can now be serialized on netflix.

They do not repeat well.

There is no financial incentive to do it.

That is why cbs, the smallest big company of the networks come and they put on a lot of procedural dramas.

Csi has made an over a billion dollars in syndication globally.

Now you are seeing the paradigm change a little bit because these shows can be financed online.

What do you think the best new show is?

I like some of the stuff that fox is doing "the red band society." i also like a comedy show about a writer on snl.

I think martin short plays a comedian.

We will see.

Yes we will.

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