Comcast-TWC Back on Capitol Hill for Deal Scrutiny

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May 8 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Yang Yang preview today’s testimony by executives from Comcast and Time Warner Cable about their proposed deal before the House Judiciary Committee on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”


We had one last month so what will be different this time around?

Last month's hearing was before the senate judiciary committee.

Today's is before the house judiciary panel and expected to cover much of the same ground.

We are still talking about the same antitrust competition concerns and the same cost to consumer concerns.

Comcast and time warner cable even submitted the same exact joint prepared testimony they delivered last month and once again, we can expect them to say the deal will extend comcast commitment to serve the public interest to millions of additional consumers and businesses with no risk of harm to competition or the public interest.

There are a few differences this time around.

The comcast executive vice president will be joined by time warner cable chairman and ceo robert marcus.

He was not at the last month hearing.

Another big difference is netflix has since come out against the merger.

It is one of the few tech companies to do so.

Netflix ceo reed hastings said the deal would create a single company with anti-competitive leverage over the broadband /internet market.

Netflix will not have a seat at the hearing today.

Cogent communications will be there to speak their part.

The opposition will be well represented.

What power to the lawmakers have over this deal?

Not much, actually, this is about public opinion.

The green light will have to come from the department of justice and the federal communications commission.

The consensus seems to be that the deal will in fact go through.

Lawmakers are attempting to ask questions on behalf of their constituents.

Will this raise cable bills is the big concern and the questions they will raise will give regulators an idea of the political pressures they might face and will evolve some sense of the kinds of restrictions they might tack on to the approval of a deal.

Thank you very much.

Moving and shaking this hour -- barclays ceo anthony jang chen's

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