Comcast Said to Weigh Subscriber Spinoff

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Feb. 28 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Alix Steel report on Comcast possibly spinning off 3 million cable subscribers into its own business as part of its takeover of Time Warner Cable. She speaks to Trish Regan, Olivia Sterns, Jonathan Weil and Julie Hyman on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Time warner cable.

The question has been what to do with 3 million subscribers.

Part of the deal in merging time warner and comcast is to offload 3 million subscribers.

Perhaps to sell it to other companies, charter communications has been interested.

Perhaps bright house networks.

Now we hear from people familiar with the matter saying that comcast would also be willing to spin off these 3 million subscribers into its own business.

That would create the fourth-largest cable company.

People familiar with the matter say regulators might prefer this deal.

The company would provide more competition within the cable space.

If they spun off the 3 million subscribers into their own independent company, it would be the fourth-largest cable company.

Regulators might be interested in that, which would help improve the deal between comcast and time warner cable.

John still on said with us.

The antitrust issues -- two companies talk about a merger and they can decide who gets to be their own competitor by creating it.

That is a little funny, intuitively.

Comcast and time warner are basically the worst-rated cable companies as far as consumer satisfaction.

I think cablevision is worse.

I have had comcast.

Cable in general.

But here you are in a situation -- other concerns about monopolies?

There are.

Is this enough?

To your point, when you are effectively choosing your competitor?

Shareholders love when companies they invest in get so big and so dominant that they have a much better business than when they were young and had competitors.

This is what companies naturally do unless there is a check by government.

If it was a sports team, you would not let the coach pick the rival team from their own players.

We are going to carve out a new competitor for ourselves so we can act like it is a competitive marketplace by taking 3 million subscribers.

It sound like some they'll stood, and by the subscribers, one of the existing competitors.

The bloomberg news story says it is to create a fourth company.

We will hear about this for the next six months.

All of this is very preliminary, how this will all look.

What region each company will have.

They just don't want the fcc saying you can do this because you will be too big4 another -- two big.

Another deal.

Mattel has agreed to buy mega

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