Comcast to Acquire TWC in $44 Billion Deal

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Feb. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Alex Sherman reports on the $44 billion deal by Comcast to acquire Time Warner Cable on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


What is my one need to know about this transaction?

I would say they need to know is customers in many different markets, major markets that time warner serves, new york, dallas, l.a., they are going to get a better product.

Comcast technology has been better than time warner cable for years and years.

They have more money invested into the technology, a better user face.

An overall aster internet speed.

A better tv everywhere product.

The technology that allows you to watch programming online.

All of your consumers win.

The question is, will regulators allow them to buy everything?

That is still an open question, but one would tank -- think they have of -- think they have done their homework.

How big of a loss is best for john malone and charter?

How big of a defeat is this for john malone?

A great question.

John malone has been very public about pushing the consolidation narrative.

He says they need to consolidate because the cable network industry and the broadcast industry in the united states have the ability to have pricing power.

We saw it with time warner cable and cbs.

They basically eight time warner cable's lunch in that negotiation because they needed the ball programming -- football program and that they could not push back on pricing and they were able to win the battle.

By getting larger, this large entity can push back on the programmers and say you play by our rules.

You cannot raise prices by 20%, you need to go much slower otherwise we will drop your channels.

More consolidation to come, and if so, who would buy who?

Packets to the second question, how big of a defeat is this for malone?

Even though he has pushed the consolidation narrative thomas he now turns it over to the comcast ceo, brian roberts, but will he walk away?

There are many other small cable companies around their.

We will seep.

Looking for that on this merger.

Front and center, sir martin sorrell joins us.

The world's largest advertisement agency.

Wonderful to have you here.

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