Comcast May Join Apple to Stem Cord-Cutting

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March 24 (Bloomberg) –- Telsey Advisory Group Sr. Research Analyst Tom Forte and Bloomberg Contributing Editor Paul Sweeney discuss a possible deal between Apple and Comcast. They speak with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

This news and thought, podcasters is trying to protect what it has.

You are better to work with the enemy then not work with the enemy.

What do you guys think?

What is your take?

Having a product from apple is good, one that is a television and a set-top box, but without having content to watch over the device, what good is it going to be at the end of the day echo they are working with comcast and other cable providers to stream the same television you get from comcast on that device.

Effectively being in the content creation business here in a post to the distribution business.

They would leverage the content you're getting from comcast on its own device.

I think this incremental -- there are so many people and especially young people, they do not have a cable subscription.

I do not need that if i can watch everything on my ipad.

I think the comcast of the world for the directv of their work of your tried and true dripping exhibit is -- distributors realize that cutting the cord is not as bad as you would suggest.

We know where they're going, they are going to online video over the internet.

The trends are very clear.

I think the comcast of the world are saying that we need to protect our core business, but we also need to be able to address this part of our audience out there.

I think maybe entering into discussions with apple and everything is very preliminary year, there is no deal, but entering into these discussions is a way to start putting the netflix app onto your user but in her face as another way to dissipate in this.

They have to be careful.

Y? they have to be careful about letting the fox into the hen house.

We're going to make online really -- viewing easier for you, we're going to partner with apple and allow the content to go over the internet, and maybe away from our ecosystem and little bit.

We are maybe going to put the netflix app on our user database, but what happens is that audience behavior is migrating away from this closed ecosystem.

If they do not embrace change, do they run the risk of becoming obsolete?

We have seen it with so many companies as these disruptive models take hold.

The core technology, that comcast and time warner cable have is the high-speed connection to the consumer house.

This would leverage the core technology.

I do agree that it would protect comcast in that regard.

A very valuable revenue for comcast.

You do not need all of these various cable channels that you wind up paying $200 a month for.

Greg $40 a month, until somebody really comes up with a more competitive solution, mobile high-speed internet or something like that, and then all of these video services would be a add-on services.

That is why add are working on, and it really trying to harness the power of video and make sure it is there for you.

What really works for the cable operators over the last 10 years has been the bundle.

This bundle of voice, video, and data.

When you look at the triple play customer base there's been very little attrition and cord cutting because it is such a competitive package.

Would you unbundle that olympic of the cable model becomes at risk.

They need to make sure that they keep the huddle together and at a good little value, but the real increment the value today for a cable subscribers not necessarily the video subscription, it is the broadband access over the high-speed access that the cable companies continue to deliver.

Is the future here for both comcast and apple?

The future for comcast of an event as they bring is really to sports.

Having his words unsaid that is what is preventing him one of the cord cutting.

Apple, amazon there trying to get into the consumer living room, and this will put them there.

We will see about that.

Thank you very much.

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