Pot Goes on Sale in Colorado: Cash or Bitcoin Only

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Jan. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller discusses the legalized sale of marijuana in Colorado on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Bitcoin to generate tax revenue.

I only found one dispensary willing to.

Previously marijuana was only available as a medical, if you have problems with posttraumatic stress disorder or lower back in.

00-- back pain.

It did not seem like it was terribly difficult to get a license.

350 issued in colorado.

Only 318 had completed the process by january 1. i think the others were a little bit stoned.

You can only use cold, hard cash.

You cannot pay for your weed with a credit card or debit card.

I guess the banks are w unwilling to get into this just yet.

I make a joke about it but you have really looked at it.

20 states allow you to smoke marijuana for medical purposes and are fairly lax about what constitutes medical purpose.

People who suffer from cancer or late stage aids.

Some people with serious problems may need to smoke marijuana.

You have funny things in your head all of the time.

Eve miller.

He was a toque are also.

-- steve miller.

It is all about tax revenue, right?

That is what i think it certainly will be when the dominoes start to fall and all the other states legalize it as well.

When they see the windfall that comes to the state in forms of tax revenues and what that can do, what colorado has helped to revitalize the school system, dealing with infrastructure.

New york city, have you driven around in a car the worst rates of any city.

-- streets of any city.

This is what colorado is confronting.

I am not saying it is about tax revenue but about the adoption.

This has something to do with washington state.

After washington state, what are the legs of the controversial system?

You could look to see what are the most progressive states.

Probably california.

The federal government does not want to see this happen.

That is not the case.

President obama and the justice department have given the nod to say let's watch this.

It is an experiment.

Everyone is watching to see how they do.

If there are too many car accidents caused by stoned drivers.

If they collect a lot of tax revenue.

I have learned a lot about it going.

-- bit coin.

This is going to be a front and center issue.

Thank you.

Come back tomorrow with an update.

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