Colgate Keeps Triclosan: Is It Really Safe to Use?

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Aug. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Mike Schade, who is running a retailer-focused Mind the Store campaign for a Washington-based consumer group called Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families, and Bloomberg's Lindsey Rupp discuss the debate over the use of triclosan in consumer products. They speak with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Mind the store campaign for a consumer group called safer chemicals, healthy families.


You for being here.

Tell us the news.

It turns out this chemical, we do not know what it does in humans but causing pretty scary reactions in animals.

Colgate has it in one of their toothpaste.

Total colgate claims it is one of the most rigorously tested products on the market.

They have been responding to people on twitter with an informational website in youtube 80 oh but i think a lot of consumers are still pretty upset.

What does it do for the toothpaste according to colgate?

It acts as a fluorite, helping to clean the teeth and they say it is a differentiator in the product.

Making it better and different than it products on the market.

Do other countries banned it in their toothpaste?

It has been regulated all around the world.

Many european retailers and manufacturers have been phasing it out.

For example, a company in the news quite a bit recently who is merging with walgreens, they committed to phasing out a couple of years ago.

Here in the united states it continues to allow the use on store shelves, including colgate.

Do we have definitive scientific evidence from various countries like the u.k. that say that it is bad for you?

There is a growing body of scientific evidence that have shown it is a chemical that is had her -- hazardous at low levels of exposure.

It is referred to as an endocrine disruptor.

It can interfere in disrupt hormones in the body, hormones like testosterone.

They play in important part in regulating the body systems.

When you interfere, you have problems down the road.

Your problems with infertility and birth effects.

Exposure can be harmful to public health.

That is why any other major brands, including procter & gamble have gone it out of the toothpaste but unfortunately colgate total continues to use this unnecessary and hazardous chemical.

Bikes as far as the use of this, -- as far as the use of this, what does the american association of dennis, fda tom is there someone that can come out to say this is safe or not safe?

The fda has done a lot of testing -- this debate goes back quite a long time.

15 years ago when they were first testing the product, has to be screened by the fda but it relies on company-sponsored research, which makes it difficult to know, is this independently verified, has this been tested by an objective scientific organization?

So there has been no definitive ban to my understanding.

What kind of financial affect what this have?

There must be a financial advantage?

I don't know.

We have been trying to ask colgate, could this have business implications?

Some old think it could.

It could hurt the business.

I do not know taking out the chemical would be very difficult but the companies that are phasing out the chemical, it is taking a lot of time.

There is not necessarily one product that can replace this chemical and everything it is being used in.

It could be a long process.

Uart what mike said having to do with alliance boots and carrying the toothpaste in the u.k.. what about stores here?

You mention walgreens but what about other stores?

Right now retailers are pretty cautious about saying we will not carry products that have it in them.

Yesterday we tried to speak with walmart and target.

They are hosting a conference about safety and personal care products and are waiting to see how this unfolds, if there is more research forthcoming but to my knowledge no one has said we will no longer carry products that carry it.

-- that contain it.

What has been the reaction from retailers?

We launched a mind the store campaign to urge top retailers to use urges -- purchasing power to make sure products they sell are safe and non-toxic.

Studies have shown it is toxic at low levels of exposure.

Many major brands have eliminated the chemical.

We are calling on the nation's top retailers, companies like walmart, target and walgreens to use the purchasing power and call on tollgate -- colgate to eliminate the unnecessary chemical especially when we know it is not necessary.

The scientific evidence has shown the risks far outweigh the benefits unfortunately.

What has been the reaction from retailers in terms of the campaign you are describing?

Since we launched the campaign over the year, walmart and target have announced all the seas to work with suppliers to reduce, disclose and work to eliminate dangerous chemicals in the supply chain.

Oh have developed a list of over 1000 chemicals of concern, which they are encouraging suppliers to reduce.

It is not clear it is one of the chemicals they are focusing on currently so we are calling on walmart and target to added to the party list.

In addition, we are calling on walgreens to join them.

If alliance boots can begin

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