Code Pink Interrupts Senate Hearing on Syria

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Sept. 04 (Bloomberg) -- In today's "First Look," Bloomberg's Sara Eisen highlights the photos illustrating headlines from around the world. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

To take full ownership of verizon wireless.

Was it too expensive for a wireless carrier?

What about the value of the rest of the company and it puts expansion off the table in other countries like canada.

4.7% yield ,wow.

That is two times the 10-year.

Dividend growth -- we will talk about microsoft, the seven point $2 billion deal for nokia.

This is my morning must-read -- that is really smart.

There is mr.

Elop, a computer guy -- interesting track record before he got to microsoft.

He will have his hands full whoever the new ceo is.

Why should google allow microsoft windows platform on their android phones?

We have the author of "in the plex." we mentioned the global reach.

What is the mood in redmond, washington?

It is pretty glum.

They don't see this as a move of strength.

It is a move for defense.

They have lost control of their system, their flagship system, the only provider out there in finland and they have no control so they wanted to bring it back.

You are the best i know at this.

If someone comes in -- there will somebody else who comes in and some say they will hire internally.

If you do that, don't the top people leave and do other stuff?

A lot of them have left already.

Are they going to go internally?

The outlook is brighter the farther out they go.

Elop is back in as a front runner and they could pull some unlike jeff raikes who was a high executive in charge of a lot of the consumer businesses.

There is now a head of bill and melinda's foundation.

He is not a disruptor or they could go outside.

They could go to reed hastings.

Imagine what that could do?

He has totally different ideas to use the microsoft strengths in a forward thinking way.

. they need a mark hurd-typ e? they have 42 divisions and the weekend retreat is 200 people.

You have to have a manager do that with test practices.

-- with best practices.

One person who they could pull for that would be sundor puchai who is the head of google applications.

Could they get him away from google?

Who could pass up a chance to put microsoft on the right track?

Tell us about this gentle man again?

He has been with google since 2004 and worked his way up from the apps to the chrome.

He founded the chrome operating system but first he did the browser.

Everyone thought that was crap -- crazy for google to do a browser and now he is in charge of android.

Why are we talking about stephen elop as a front- runner when the company has been in decline?

Microsoft brought him into head their system.

He has experience outside.

He immediately becomes a big contender.

He will either have to report to someone or people will report to him.

He immediately becomes number one.

Is there something more optimistic about the nokia huger now that they have the financial backing of microsoft?

How can they'd now be a viable competitor?

Microsoft gets to funnel into it and they are working on the apple model where they are not going to an ecosystem of different suppliers but doing their own just like apple.

What else do they have to buy to complete this ecosystem?

They are renting nokia's maps.

They need tablets so they have revised their tablet business.

I read about a blackberry synergy.

That is not out of the question.

They have to bring the developers back.

How do they do that?

Right now, they have been paying paying them to develop and it makes it harder to do developers because they say i develop for this phone and there is no other manufacturer.

In your analysis, you are suggesting that they have to have an innovation device-type person, not a corporate manager that can keep the financial bus going while somebody else figures out the innovation track.

Their future will be based on the products there.

The products they have had for decades now have been hamstrung.

The products have to serve the legacy as opposed to creating a new legacy.

Fascinating -- who was the gentleman at google?

Sundor puchai.

The hat has been thrown into the ring.

Coming up, ferragamo, ferreri and now coffee - conversations with well- established italian luxury rents.

? the hospitality industry is booming in this part of the world.

We are developing something for european markets but also the world.

This is " bloomberg surveillance." let's take a first look at some of the photos making news today.

Here in china, hundreds of thousands of dead fish yesterday.

That is in a chinese letter after an industrial accident.

A nearby accurate dispersed excess of ammonia nitrate into the atmosphere, 2000 pounds of poisoned fish.

You just wonder when the bill comes due.

You go back to elizabeth economy and the river runs black seven or eight years ago.

What has changed?

I am also thinking of fukushima.

There was that earthquake off of japan.

They cannot model up the discussion on the networks.

Stephenlevy is with us helping out today particularly on microsoft.

The technology has made china more naked.

We have a protester from the antiwar group code pink yesterday interrupting secretary of state john kerry's opening remarks.

How did he get in?

He must have a cover up.

Maybe, he was escorted out.

It shows the split we are seeing in congress about this issue.

The abc news " washington post" poll did not mention it today.

John kerry referenced that in 1971, veterans opposing the vietnam war.

Here is a good 1 -- basketball has gone glam at ermes.

They unveiled their first-ever handstitched basketball at a beverly hills store.

There are only two out there and it can be yours for $12,900. why?

Will that go with your bowtie?

If it was green i would be all over it.

You have to really like the brand.

They will not use that in a game.

Forget the basketball, i have the bowtie.

That is one minute of playing time for an nba player.

There is your first look photos.

We also have a single best chart.

We are talking about something that we all drink this morning which is coffee.

The prices have been destroyed, down 53% since their peak in may, 2011. one big reason is colombian coffee production which fell off a cliff back in 2009. farmers could not handle the low prices and could not combat disease and reinvest facebook that led to lower production.

Things are slowly getting better.

Things are getting better in columbia but result was mixed 25% of coffee in the world.

This is typically a low yield harvest and brazil is going gangbusters.

That is waiting -- weighing - and this weighs on the currencies.

This increases x port revenues and local currency so farmers don't have incentive to shut down their supply to support rises and that adds to it.

What kind of coffee do you guys drink?

I do the s press i drink organic.

I use one of those burr grinders.

You are fancy.

I had a chance to speak yesterday to the ceo of illy, a luxury brand of italy.

We talked about their brand.

It is all about exclusivity.

In this case, critical success for his exclusivity.

If you are too big you lose it.

We are in a midsize, and between two small and too big which is perfect for our size.

He answered this in response to whether they should go public.

The ferragamo family , we will speak to the ceo in a few moments.

He said we don't want to get too big.

He said they will limit supply to maintain the rises and believes in the coffee.

I use their product religiously and then i stopped.

I was in the paris news bureau and turned right and there is a line all the way around the block.

I walked down the block and there is a picture of george clooney in the window and there was a huge line outside and espresso store.

There is huge competition.

He says he makes the best coffee in the world and will not compete.

It is a very involved coffee about sourcing the beans and go through a certain production him and not willing to compromise.

Unless you are doing instant, it you are all using a replica coffee beans.

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