Monster Deal: Coca-Cola to Get Stake for $2.15B

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Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Coca-Cola agreed to swap some brands and buy a 17 percent stake in Monster Beverage for about $2.15 billion, increasing its bet on the burgeoning energy-drink market. Scarlet Fu reports on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Look for that at 9:00 a.m. this morning.

This is "bloomberg surveillance." i am tom keene.

With me scarlet fu and adam johnson.

I feel like i need a monster energy drink.

We all do.

Just got your local coca-cola distributor.

They're taking on a minority stake in monster beverage.

The price tag is about 2.15 billion dollars.

The move is to get in more aggressively on energy drink business, which has been growing and doing quite well.

Earnings that coca-cola this year, if you look at the consensus estimate, flat.

Zero growth.

People aren't drinking soft drinks.

It is seen as not healthy.

People are moving toward energy drinks and healthy drinks.

Coca-cola is been trying to make investments in those areas, but not really gaining much traction.

This is a deal in which it really gets to take on monster's natural sodas and juices and at the same time, it moves its energy drinks but which include burn, mother, and play.

The satellite tricks up your alley, tom.


The drink is not recommended for pregnant women.

It is caffeine.

It is essentially a new delivery of starbucks, right?

Straight to your veins.

I don't know why people put it into the temple.

Do you?

I don't, but i would take coffee intravenously if i needed it.

This is bad stuff.

Sugar and caffeine.

In my view that for your body, but it is good for the stock.

Wells fargo says it is a win/win for coca-cola and monster.

In addition, monster gains access to the international market.

I've never had one, full disclosure.

Is it better or worse than a coke classic?

That's like, which is more negative, negative two were negative three.

I'm serious.

Which is better or worse for you?

I don't know.

Maybe that should be our

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