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April 15 (Bloomberg) -- Trish Regan and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

At the 2014 geneva motor show, unveiling even more.

Unveiling everything that vehicle is known for.

Zero to 24 miles per hour in 9.9 seconds and cost you 200 40 thousand dollars.

It also represents a new approach to automated engineering.

Here to discuss, president and ceo of lamborghini.

Wonderful to have you here.

A pretty sweet ride.

1000 people to line up.

I have to ask, who is buying?

Middle east, japan, u.k., germany.

These are the tough markets.

We have markets that are small in size but big for us.

Singapore, asia.

Hong kong.

How would you characterize this car?

How is it may be different from what you have done in the past go i have given to my people a very short briefing when they start building or developing the car.

It has to be very fast on the raceway.

Has to be easy to be driven on normal roads.

It has to fit you like a glove.

You have to feel at home at the very first moment.

How does this work together?

The technology and actual vehicle?

Technology needs to be something that is helping you.

The stiffness, double clutch and engine immediately responding.

All of these things together.

And still be a work of art,? right how many of these will you actually sell?

You only allow a certain number of the cars on the market at a certain time?

One of the key issues is always have one card left.

This is the keep.

You have to keep demand going to keep it special.

Let me ask you about the company itself.

It is owned by volkswagen.

On its own, what it the difference having a parent company as opposed to being completely on your own?

This group has a lot of friends.

We are the most exclusive one.


Last year we produce more than 1000 cars.

We are rocketing from the position that they leave the responsibility.

Also that we have our own profit and loss.

We benefit from synergies.

You like being part of the bigger companies?


We can purchase for lower price higher quality.

So there is a lot.

We learn from them and benefit.

Carl pope, farmer head of the sierra club on with me earlier.

Talking about the importance of new energy and how it has been consumer differ in -- driven.

He pointed to tesla as an example of this.

Lamborghini train to go green.

You do not necessarily think new energy and green technology him up but what are examples of what you are doing?

What we did in the past year is we've reduced emissions where the car is more than 20%. we divide this from the factory.

We will be revenue neutral by next year.

A big effort for a small company like ours.

We want to keep the perfect balance between having the final grounds -- final drives that are not made to go from daily basis but we also want in future when you buy a lamborghini.

How long do you have to wait?

The big one more than the year.

This is sold-out are ready for the year 2014. sold-out.

Over a year wait.

Great to have you back.

President and ceo of lamborghini.

Coming up, the u.s. is considering stronger sanctions against russia that can the obama administration win support from the recovering european union?

Plus, we caught up with jerry bruckheimer to talk about his work on the next top gun movie.

The stay tuned.

? america's best weapon since -- against russia's aggression?


Trying to beef up artillery with sanctions on russia's economy and specifically targeting energy and banking sectors.

The problem, eu member states are worried about the impact of an all-out trade war on the region still fragile economy.

How do we balance the geopolitical risk with economic risk?

My next guest has answer.

Former undersecretary of international trade at the commerce department.

Good to have you here.

Tell me, why isn't euro willing to play ball here?

The leadoff to the story speaks volumes.

They really do have to balance interests.

Europe is still recovering from -- from a pretty severe recession.

At the same time, they do have geopolitical concerns.

Russia's action in the ukraine are very aggressive.

Shouldn't that be a breakup call -- wake-up call?

A lot of people thought he would stop at crimea.

The danger is he may try to take more territory in ukraine and even more territory in the region.

So a country in europe, aren't you looking at this and saying i need to be worried and let me try to invoke better sanctions to fight back against this?

I think europe is struggling with that.

They are looking at it that way.

I believe a lot of the leaders want to do it and are balancing economic concerns.

What else can we do?

Frankly, our sanctions are not the toughest here either.

Is that because we are waiting on europe and they are not cooperating so we will go baby steps?

When i was with you last, we talked about the fact will the sanctions really work?

The thing about economic sanctions, they are not instant gratification.

They take time to have impact.

Russia already has a fragile economy.

Very dependent on energy commodities.

Any kind of jolt will be felt in russia.

If they were doing this for pure economic reasons, you would not take more territory in ukraine.

It seems to be politically motivated.

There is no question he seems to continue to be moving forward with whatever plans or actions he wants to take.

That does not mean he will not feel the pain.

At some point, and i wish i knew.

I wish i had a crystal ball.

I think you will see companies that were planning to make investments and russia.

I think they will pull back.

There is going to be pain.

At some point he will have to deal with that.

We know the old adage, all politics is local.

At some point he will have to feel that impact.

I think the president is ratcheting up.

I think there is more he can do.

The ones you heard him today.

The next step could be a broader array of executives from his oil company and other energy sec or companies.

Coming up next, ironman, green door.

The list of revival films goes on and on.

Our audience is suffering from superhero the t? -- fatigue?

We caught up with jerry bruckheimer to find out.

He is really excited about doing it.

The other film everyone has been talking about is the next "top gun." this is a long process for you and tom cruise.

You made headlines recently of setting the stage for cruz versus the drones.

Technology has changed so i think we will take advantage of what it is like today.

Is the pilot obsolete?

Aren't the jet jockeys gone from now?

I do not think so.

You still have to make the decisions.

So we will hopefully highlight those worlds.

What is the timing on that one?

When might we see that in theaters?

We have been working on it for over 30 years.

I wish i could tell you how long it will take to get there.

It is a lot of fun working with tom and tony scott passed away.

That is very sad for us.

I believe david ellison is a financing partner.

The ellison family, a lot of people talk about them.

Megan getting a lot of attention during the awards season recently.

What can you tell us about david ellison?

He is a pilot so that helps us a lot.

He has great taste.

Movies he has made have been very successful.

He continues to make successful movies.

He understands the business as better than anybody.

For a guy so young to understand the deals and what actors and directors work, he is really done his homework and i am proud of what he brings to the project.

You still have ties to disney and there are projects you are involved with through disney.

Tyrants of the caribbean, the latest installment is one that people continue to ask questions about.

What is the latest with number five?

Werewolf working on it.

We are excited about it.

Hopefully we will get that going this fall or beginning of the year if everything lines up properly?

Is there a fifth and sixth?

Everyone loves to talk about these movies online.

We make them one at a time.

Johnny will be back.

Will keith richards be back?

I hope so.

We would love to have him back so we will see.

You have had huge success in film and television.

Csi on that list.

A lot of people talking about this is the golden age of television.

Financially, what does that mean?

Has this been the most financially successful time for you because of the storylines tied to tv right now?

It has been great for me.

Csi and all of the shows we are put on the air are still running.

The reason they call it the golden age is because the work is so good.

You look at what the other channels and networks, cbs, nbc, abc, netflix.

There are amazing stories with great actors.

Does that mean working with netflix and partnering with them on original shows or movies, that is something you're been talking about?


In terms of a show like csi, how long can that show stay on the air?

Seems like operably a long time.

Going on the 15th season.

It would not be on 15 years is not the writing was great and directing was great.

The dark net csi fibers working on that right now.

It is all about entertaining audiences.

That is what we do.

On that point, you seem quite interested these days and how technology is influencing society and ultimately bringing that to the big screen.


So many things have changed since i started making csi a few years ago.

Things change.

Thank you to jerry bruckheimer and our very own jon erlichman for that.

Of next, the top 10 from j&j to ge.

The top 10 stocks you need to know.

The close of trading is next.

We will be joined by the editor-in-chief of " cosmopolitan magazine" on what women need to do to work up in the workplace.

? we have been all over the place today in this market.

Looks like we're near the highs of the session with the dow jones up 82. heading to the close.

Twitter number 10 today.

The social media giant is buying longtime partner gnet, providing twitter with more insight into trends, breaking news.

Another deal.

The london metropolitan police have chosen and five units of the cameras to be used in the proof of concept pilot program.

The one-year program expected to start soon across nine london bureaus.

Bieber technology down 10%. they will buy motorola solutions.

To do so, they plan to offer 200 million in cash.

Sending the debt level from zero to almost five times adjusted annual profit.

That sounds like a highly leveraged deal.

Number seven, whirlpool.

Increasing the quarterly dividend to seven percent.

Seeing strong growth and expansion.

Approving a $500 million share repurchase.

Number six is when.

Down four percent right now.

-- number six is wynn.

This caused the company to see the biggest intraday decline since november 20 12th.

We have seen a bounce around a little today.

Number five, general electric . expect the ceo to step down before the year 2021 according to a report from the wall street journal.

The board expects him to depart sooner than the 20 year tenure.

He has been with the company for 13 years.

William blair cut out a note saying they expect him to say until 2016. if he leaves then he would be 60 years old.

Citing near-term catalyst.

Stock has gone nowhere in a decade.

Neither has a milk.

The idea he could be leaving sooner than the 20 year time.

. -- neither has immelt.

Number four, i.t. and consulting software services posted forecast that beat estimates.

Fourth quarter earnings climbed

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