Coach Profit Trails Estimates on Less Mall Visits

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Jan. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Coach, the largest U.S. luxury handbag maker, reported fiscal second-quarter profit that trailed analysts estimates after mall visits dropped during the holiday season and other chains promoted goods. Julie Hyman reports on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

In the shares this morning after a disappointing earnings report.

We expected to see a lot of disappointments in retail.

This is not a huge surprise here.

Coaches one of those retailers who gave fewer discounts.

Those were the big themes of the holiday season, so it did take a toll.

Mall visits dropping, people basically shopping other places where they could get better deals.

Seemed like that happened at north american comparable-store sales.

A huge drop.

We will dig more into this later.

The other numbers as well, there are so very many this morning that we are watching.

Let's talk about u.s. bank, for a moment.

They came out and beat analyst estimates last quarter.

Setting aside less money to account for bad loans, the income -- the income was up 2.5%. some of the regional lenders have been doing better here as the economy improves.

Also, as we start to see at the beginning, we have started to see a yield curve widening.

The larger banks have more of a capital on the business as well.

Let's move on to a drugmaker, out just a little while ago.

Analysts had been anticipating the earnings-per-share front, but in terms of sales it missed analysts estimates.

The head of chilies, the restaurant company, coming in with comparable sales at 9/10 of one percent.

They have not been faring well lately.

I was surprised by those results, we will talk more about them in a moment.

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