CMS’ Chao in ACA Hot Seat at Oversight Hearing

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Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Megan Hughes previews today’s testimony by Henry Chao, deputy chief information officer at CMS, on the technological snafus of the website. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

He has already taken a grilling.

The difference is that this time he will be in public.

On november 1 he spent nine hours behind closed doors and they asked him why they gave the exchange did -- gave the exchange the go-ahead after the memo from his boss that warned that security controls were ineffective, raising concerns on identity theft.

Some of those fixes were not too until may of next year and early 2015. he says he was not aware of the memo.

His transcript from november 1 just said that he wanted to say that he had not seen this before.

Later on the investigator asked -- did you find that surprising?

He said -- yes, i probably should have been copied on it.

Would you not be surprised if you were me?

He adds later -- in this case the documentation and my recollection seem to point to, you know, kind of a failure to communicate.

9:30 today his supervisor is due to leave at the end of this week.

What about the other key witnesses?

We are also watching todd park, one that we were not sure would be there, the chief technology officer for the white house, he is the one leading the surge to fix the site and we have not heard from him yet.

The committee subpoenaed him and this is dr.

Virtual, because the white house says he has been working on fixing the site and should testify later.


The subpoena issued on friday is an unfortunate and unnecessary step, since we made it clear several times that he is willing to testify.

The issue for us is not a question of if he will testify, but when.

We had hoped to the committee would work with us to find alternative dates to give him time to focus on his immediate task at hand, getting the website fixed.

You can expect that he will be thrilled.

As the administration is repeatedly promising.

Megan hughes, thank you so much.

We will keep our eye on that hearing.

Staying with health care, i want to bring in dr.

Toby cosgrove, surgeon by training, for the six

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