Can Cloud Computing Be Greener?

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Sept. 1 (Bloomberg) – Greenpeace Head of IT Andrew Hatton discusses the growing need for energy in cloud computing and why renewable energy should be a consideration. He speaks with Guy Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

In terms of energy efficiency?

Joining us for more is andrew, the head of i.t. for greenpeace u.k. the cloud is massive.

Whee spent a lot of time talking about the scale of the cloud.

In terms of its energy footprint, how should we think of it?


As we live more of our lives online, whether it is sending videos, e-mails, tweets, the energy of the footprint is growing hugely.

Probably about 10%, 11% per year.

I read somewhere this morning that if you classify the cloud as a country, it would be the sixth largest energy consumer in the world.

It would rank about six.

That gives you an idea of the and normandy of the power -- enormity of the power-hungry nets.

The power is there to drive it but also to keep it cool as well.

And that makes you think about where people are positioning these things.

Some companies are putting them up near the nordics.

U.s. geothermal.

Who is doing it well?

Good question.

You mentioned the nordics.

Facebook, last year, launched a new data center in sweden.

A place they call the node poll.

That obviously makes sense in many ways.

Clearly, you can't have all your data centers in places like sweden.

It is very important that you get your strategy correct.

In our report, the clicking clean report, the latest edition of the report out earlier this year, we basically cited companies like google, apple, facebook, as being leaders in this sector, really driving renewable energy.

Presumably there is a legacy affect here as well.

A lot of these data centers were pre-positioned.

Is the direction of travel right?

We are just dealing with legacy issues and have to figure out a way to reengineer?

Yes, i think the overall direction of travel is correct.

I don't think we should underestimate the amount of effort we have to put into this.

If we want to keep below the two degrees of warming, we really need to make a really big effort in this area because of the growth.

It is not enough to just tinker around the edges.

Things like energy efficiency are really important.

That alone is not enough.

It is not enough just to get your existing data centers more energy-efficient.

That won't solve the climate problem.

Briefly, is it economic to be more energy-efficient when it comes to data centers?

Presumably it is.

You are pushing on an open door to make this happen.


It does make absolute sense to focus on making your data centers more efficient.


When you look at the growth of the sector overall, that isn't enough.

It is not just greenpeace that is saying this.

Some of the big figures in the industry like a google are saying the same thing, that google -- that energy efficiency alone isn't enough.

Nice to see you.

Thank you very much indeed for joining us.

We are going to take a break.

For those listening on bloomberg radio, the first word is coming up.

For our viewers it is a second hour of "the pulse." our exclusive interview, face of the greek economy, face of the greek banking sector.

We will talk about that.

Talking of draghi, everybody

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