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March 19 (Bloomberg) -- Piers Linney, CEO and Co-Founder of Outsourcery, discusses cloud computing and its possible impact on the next generation. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Executive officer of cloud computing company.

Good morning.

Your first set of results, you joined aim in the last year.

You had a busy year.

Revenues are improving.

You're not quite profit-making quite yet.

Talk us to the achievements of the last 12 months.

It is exciting.

A lot is being done.

People have been watching us.

They know about the clouds so our revenue is up $.44 on the year.

Annual revenue is up 120 -- 120%. we have had some big customers, household names.

Large telcos and system integrators reselling our services globally.

People are beginning to understand the whole world is going to move to the cloud model.

Microsoft is a very large part of that.

You see satya nadella has a focus on that.

Our focus is to be the largest player in the world.

Do businesses get the cloud yet?

Big businesses get it.

They are clever people.

They pay the cio to think about strategy.

They are consuming it faster.

Small businesses are beginning to become aware of it but sometimes the incumbent suppliers to small business itself need to transition their business model and that is hard.

The last telcos are like the oil tankers were they get it and move it.

To get to market fast, it is hard to do it themselves.

Three large telcos and excise -- there basing their product on our infrastructure.

One client is the u.k. government moving a lot of what they doing to the clapboard -- to the cloud.

They see the strategy.

They're going to move to the cloud.

They also see a need to procure digital media contracts.

They're working with microsoft and dell to the ploy a specific government cloud of program which has added security to provide services to the government.

What does that mean in the post-snowden era?

Do they specify where the data has to be held?

Is this something your clients are thinking about more?

Where is the data held, where will it travel to and through as it goes through from the company to your storage facility?

Your show is not long enough to answer that question.

[laughter] if you had a high quality company like us, it is more secure because we can invest in scale that even large companies cannot afford themselves.

The government has security level to have to in year two.

The cloud is secured like a standard cloud but it is also physically secure, security cleared personnel.

It is an added layer of physical security.

Cloud should be more secure than anything an individual organization can deploy itself.

We spoke to the british chambers of commerce earlier.

Her focus is on avoiding this lost generation.

They are focusing on youth and employment.

It is something i know you are very enthusiastic about, your past and various foundations and charities.

You are trying to inspire talent that lies dormant, trying to provide a level playing field for those who do not have the best opportunities.

What is the best way of achieving those aims?

I am looking at starting my own charity, which is about young people having insights into the workplace and their choices.

In terms of austerity, the curse services, they have been cut back.

They can't really see their options.

They're trying to make decisions about their lives and careers and what to go study without actually knowing the realities of those roles.

We have people across the spectrum from all over the world, from the united nations.

We are very much about the working sector, you can be from any background.

I was a secret millionaire on tv a year ago.

One of the guys i met in prison is now a consultant.

There was a roadmap to get there and that is what the country needs.

Technology entrepreneurs, this generation y as it is often called, they're the future.

It is not about winning election, it is about looking further ahead.

Are you looking to the chancellor today to deliver anything in particular?

Some are talking about giving more incentive to those with money to back businesses created by those younger entrepreneurs.

It is hard to legislate a factly around who should provide money to whom.

We have had fantastic -- the enterprise investment scheme in this country is amazing.

Equity is great.

Equity is not always the option for young, growing businesses.

It is the -- it is a good tax structure in u.k. but i think more can be done.

Thank you for joining us.

Breaking news on persia.

Gallois will be the new chairman.

He is quite a name in business.

He was the ceo of the aes -- eads which owns airbus.

Look at his cv.

He now works for the office of the prime minister in france and has done since 2012. his most recent poached him a which you are i am am sure aware of, was his post at eads.

He will be the chairman appears

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